confrontation! (65 million BC part 4)

65 million BC

people of the inner web i'm not believing my luck these days!... well more months then days really... ever since the end of summer technically...

reaching the cradle of dinosaur kind what were the odds of my big shot Cousin Larry being the guy in charge of the place! seriously what are those odds, and why didn't i bet on them!

i wasn't about to let him steal another of my dreams again! there was no way he was going to prevent me from living here at 65 million BC, but i could see it in his eye that he was going to be a jerk about it (like he always is...).

well when i walked up to talk to him Larry started to laugh. "hi there cousin. how have things been going?" i tried to lie and say good... "really. that's not what your blogs been saying" oh man! that's not good... Larry wasn't supposed to have known about my blog...

since he's read the blog it made it easier to ask if i could stay here...

"are you REALLY that dumb traum? this isn't the cretaceous period. that was 65 million years ago... not 65 million blocks into british columbia!" he said snidely.

oh no! he was right... i remember that now... AHHHHHHH!

wait a minute i thought though... why are he and the dinosaurs here then. this was obviously a trick or something of his...

"traumador didn't you read the sign out front?" Larry said while laughing at me. "this is a travelling dinosaur display from china. it is not a permanent settlement or reserve for dinosaurs. we're extinct most places now."

okay i now i had him... "if it's a chinese dinosaur display why are you here then Larry? you're from alberta like me!"

he just cackled... which is a scary sound from a big t-rex. "traum... traum... traum. this is show biz, and nothing sells more then having a star in the show."

i couldn't think straight... everything wasn't making sense. this wasn't the true land of dinosaurs. Larry had taken everything away again... then Larry added

"your poor poor mother though traum. i don't look forward to telling aunt huxley how dumb you really are..."

well i'm not too proud of my response to that low blow, but Larry brought my mama into this. you leave the mothers out of these things. so i kinda attacked him...

okay i bite him in the neck... kinda a low blow in and of itself, but he's really really big... YOU TRY JUMPING FOR HIS EYE YOURSELF!!! THEN YOU'LL SEE!!!

anyways i sadly didn't do much damage... and well he's kinda a monster (as we t-rex are)... so he easily shoke me off, and he wasn't even mad or angry... he was kept on laughing

"ah that was cute. would you like me to bend over so you can do that like a real t-rex?" he mocked. "i'd bite you back, but i'd eat you in the process, and aunt huxley won't be too happy with me. for her sake i'll let you stay the night, but then you're out of here!"

i'm not going to lie people of the innerweb. i'm crying right now...

right now i'm wishing that Larry's work in king kong was real... then he'd have been killed by that big dumb ape!!!

so turns out i'm back where i started... i don't know what i'm going to do again...

though i have help now. i just called peter, and he said he'd get something in place for tomorrow... i'll have to hang out here at LARRY'S place, and wait till then...

not quite what i expected (65 million BC part 3)

65 million BC...

okay now i'm really weirded out by what i'm finding around here. not only is there no jungle rather badlands, but now there is a dinosaur museum too!!!

now i may have the brain the size of a peanut, but even i know that dinosaurs didn't live in museums! well except those outside of the BCs. oh and those in the BCs... wait a minute...

just look at this! is this what you pictured the mighty thunder lizards coming from?!?

it's just like the tyrrell 2: deja vu

i happened upon a hadrosaur which i thought was from my neck of the woods, edmonton. turns out this was no edmontosaurus though... he informed me he was from overseas, from china, and not to call him by that name. rather he is a shantungosaurus apparently (though as far as i can tell there is little difference between the two!)

i told him about my quest to get here, and he said that was "super"... i thought that was a little strong a word (cause hey i'm no superman!)... he told me i'd have to check with the star of the attraction to see if i could join with the dinosaurs...

what is with us dinosaurs? this is turning out to be just like dinotown! since when have we dinosaurs needed to ask permission and be officially accepted to be a dinosaur?!?

i'd used too much time getting here to fight about it though. i was going to do things as they do them here at 65 million BC... though it's not feeling all that different from the tyrrell...

well the problem was figuring out who the star dinosaur was... i checked with the alxasaurus figuring since he had big wolferine type claws he must be a real hit. cause i mean i've seen that movie X-People, wolferine is the closest superhero ever!

it wasn't him though. however that's about all i understood... my chinese isn't too flunent you see. the only reason i know it wasn't him was he used those claws to threaten me away after asking if he was the star... whoever it is even wolferinesaur is scared of them...

with that in mind my next choice had to be the pinacosaurus then... cause lets face it who won't be scared of a tank! this guy is packing heat in the form of the tail club, and covered with armour so he doesn't have to take gump in return! we theropods know better then to mess with one of these guys... grownup anyways (but man as smaller guys their tastey!)

again he wasn't the star! a little confused. though in his case he asked if this was a trick, and if the star had sent me... not sure what that means?

looking around i was starting to get more confused too. ALL these guys were chinese dinosaurs... now i'm not a racist mind you. i like dinosaurs no matter where their from. i was just finding it odd that all the dinosaurs in the BCs where from over there...

where were some north american types that i might know?

well turns out there was a north american dinosaur here. in fact i know him RATHER well... which makes this all the more unfortunte...

i should have realized that the star had to be the king of the dinosaurs. which of course would make it one of my fellow tyrannosaurs. i was hoping to meet some new tyrannosaurs... i got half my wish as it turned out... just not the half i wanted... you see the star dinosaur turns out to be my COUSIN LARRY!!!

now for those of you who have never heard of my cousin larry (which i think is a pretty hard!) he is the famous member of the tyrannosaur family... he had a luck break into hollywood some years ago, and has been making quite the killing (both literally and metaphorically) doing movies and shows as well a t-rex.

he's most famous role was of course as the tyrannosaur in jurassic park.

which brings us to my connection to larry... you see he wasn't the only one who tried out for that part! i was in the running for it too! they choose him over me in the end though due to "his immense size, and authentic terror" compared to my "tinyness"... it's like they say. hollywood only goes for the most perfect of us...

not my fault i'm only two feet tall while larry if 40 feet long! jerk!

anyways ever since then me and him haven't been on such good terms, and well he was the LAST dinosaur i was ready or wanting to meet here at 65 million BC...

i'm not letting him bully me out of my dreams again!

right at home (65 million part 2)

65 million BC...

alright so after that yummy lunch it was time to explore!

surprised at the relative lack of dinosaurs wandering around. seems to be a lot of humans for some reason? i guess we dinos are more accomodating of humans in our world then vice versa...

well my first discovery since the tri-steak was a patch of badlands! just like drumheller's. again not what i pictured in my mind being at 65 million BC, but hey my mind's not the biggest after all!

i guess that explains why we dinosaurs outside BC all tend to gather in drumheller. it's the closest thing to our native environment?

then why are dinosaurs always in jungles and forests in books, TV, and movies?

have to admit people of the innerweb i'm getting a little confused by what i'm finding here at 65 million BC!

a REAL meal!!! (65 million part 1)

65 million BC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh boy! oh boy! i can't believe i'm here at last! as you of course know people of ciderspace i've been looking for this place for over 2 months!

so here we are the 65th million block of BC. not quite the decor i was expecting for dinosaurs. i'm no where near a forest or jungle. the aquarium was a more prehistoricy a looking place. i had no idea we dinosaurs come from such an urban background...

it's off to a great start though. coming around lunch time, and right here on the street is a fleshy, fat, plump, and lazy triceratops! sure can tell i've left the human world (well minus the skyscrapers, sidewalks, roads, and pedestrians). here in the dinosaurian BC it's hunt or be hunted, live or die, regular or diet...

no matter their philosophy around here i got a free lunch! for a dinosaur in our native habitat this steak put up little resistence. not that i'm complaining. i was just expecting a bit more of a primal struggle like in the movies!

well as i sit here blogging and digesting i'm getting very excited. lunch has truely shown i'm where i should be! time to go explore, and be a natural dinosaur!


extinct another day (aquarium/undercover conclusion)

64.95 million BC...

okay just when i thought today couldn't get crazier it did... now i don't really feel like going into to much detail here people of the innerweb. don't get me wrong. it's not that i don't want to talk to you or tell you about it... just at the end of my tour as a spy there has been a big twist ending i just didn't see coming...

before i reveal that though heres the quick version of what went down this afternoon...

so the truck with lobey showed up, and we got her loaded into my boat. however before i could set out you'll never guess who showed up...

yeah darth caught back up with me. man i'm sick of this guy's death grasp...

"you couldn't hide forever." he boomed. "now i want that fish. not excuses."

i was hooped simply put. he held me out this time so my tail wouldn't reach him...

he must have noticed the tank in my boat because he hauled me over to it.

seeing lobey in the tank he stopped. i lost the ability to breath... or wait i guess i'd lost that already... all i know is it felt terrible. i'd failed as a superspy, and worse i'd failed lobey... this monster of the dark side had her completely at his mercy, and there was nothing either me or her could do to stop him.

"this will be a day long remembered." he started. suddenly he lifted his other hand. in it was a big metal tube... oh no a light sword!!! he threw me to the side, and raised the cylinder. with a hiss of electricity a great red glow filled the air. he went to swing with that hand, and with his other hand he raised something in front of him...

"it has seen the end of my fish watching list, and will soon see the end of my search." he said bringing the cylinder against a clip board in his other hand.

he then simply made a checkmark on a list... a list of fish... and that was no light sword. rather it was just a light up pen!?!?!

with that he just turned around and walked away... like for good. he just went to the street and hopped into his black car and drove off...

this guy's reputation is way overblown due to the movies... he is just a big evil fish watcher. the aquarium had taken lobey off display the day he was going through to finish off his BC list...

well i guess i'm a better superspy then i thought. one evil villian disposed of, and one fish released... wait i still hadn't released her!!!

getting my boat into the water i took it out into the middle of the habour. this should be good i thought. nice open water. access to the open sea. no evidence of mega predators.

with that i dumped her tank into the water, and she started to swim away into the depths. as per the aquariums instructions i grabbed the underwater telyscope and watched her as she went. she started to look a lot better right away!

after a bit of swimming she reached the bottom where she happily took up residence in a hole.

so with that i succeeded in my mission! i have to put this whole superspy incident on my resume!

getting back to shore though i had another crazy thing happen. i realized i was ON TOP of 65 million BC! as in it's right here in front of me where i type right now people of the innerweb!!!

i'm going to leave you now, and finally get to the goal of my 2 month quest!!!

darth. no (undercover part 2)

64.64 million BC

today has to rank as one of the craziest days of my life, and as you know people of the innerweb i've had some pretty crazy days recently!

the plan was to release lobey back into the wild of the BCs. i'd gotten my boat, and i'd made the arrangements with the aquarium to have lobey shipped to the peer so i could set out.

there was just one problem i was worried about lobey's enemies using this as a chance to attack her. who they were i wasn't sure. why they'd want to get her i didn't know. was i being paranoid? well i was going with my gut feeling, and the answer was no... (superspies always follow their gut feelings in the movie, and are right!)

so i had to get from the boat store to the peer myself. to do so i decided to take the long way to make sure i wasn't being tailed. along the way i got to pass a cool fountain. while standing around watching the water i noticed a black car that had stopped suspiciously in a no parking zone...

though i would have liked to chill out at the fountain a bit longer i had a bad feeling about that car. starting to walk through the plaza around the fountain suddenly the car took the corner so that it could head the same way i was!

okay i know how this sorta thing works... in movies i should get in a car, and we'd have a chase. problem is i left my car in north vancouver... i didn't feel like running, cause to run as fast as a car i'd be really tired by the time i got to releasing lobey.

instead i ducked into a mall to try and lose them. it was easy enough as i'd been heading the wrong direction... doubling back on the plaza i figured since i'd be tailed once that i should make sure it didn't happen again...

i plunked down to start a blog entry... when suddenly someone grabbed me from behind!!!

man oh man did they grab me too. they lifted me right into the air! suddenly in a all too formiliar booming voice i heard "what have you done with that fish!!!"... i knew that voice! and man was i in trouble... it was dark vadar!!!

"several transactions were sent to you by aquarium spies. i want to know what happened to the fish their sending you!" he said while increasing the pressure around my throat.

"i got no transactions. i'm an education staff member. out to do a program." i managed to say, but barely. man that guy has a strong grip!

"if your an educator then where is the venue?!?" he angrly replied... oh man he's a sharp cookie.

"what fish?" i was seriously confused... my brain doesn't work the best under normal conditions, but without oxygen that's just asking for trouble.

"the one they took away from the public viewing area last week! the only one i haven't seen! i want that fish!!!" he fumed...

the pressure on my neck was getting a bit much. if he kept up i didn't think i was going to survive... i needed to distract him. like in a spy movie. what would they say. something witty and smart no doubt...

"uh uh" i couldn't think of anything. then it hit me! "i am your son..."

"what?" he was astounded. "that's not true. that's impossible!"

it worked i could feel his grip lessen just a titch. now i just had to escape...

vadar went on though. "you can't be my son... i just met with him for lunch yesterday!"

was he going senile? it was this point i noticed that he was a lot older and fatter then in the movies... i guess that's the nice part about being famous, and having a movie made about your life. you get played by beautiful people!

that was when i made my move! i swung my tail and hit him as hard as i could... i hit him inbetween the legs... i was aiming for his head...

in any case he suddenly toppled over, and let go of me. boy did i take that chance i bolted!

he didn't follow me as best i can tell, and now i'm here hiding out at the peer with the boat waiting for lobey to get delivered so i can release her... it's like i said i knew her enemies would come out to try and get her.

i hope she get here soon!


the man with the wooden boat (undercover part 1)

64.38 million BC

okay i have plan of action to save lobey. now all i need is the gear to accomplish my goal...

first things first i'm going to need a boat. now do happen to be the proud owner of an entire fleet of ships (like an superspy should). problem is their my game pieces for battleship, which by the was NOT sunk! Despite that I'm still going to need a bigger boat...

as of such i had to use my cover as an employee of the aquarium to acquire myself a vessel that is actually seaworth.

to do that i had to wander further into downtown vancouver! what a busy bustling place. which for me was a little daunting. i'm from smalltown alberta. the most foot traffic i've seen in drumheller was during the canada day parade! this was like ten of those all on one block!

it is good too though, in that i blended in, and would be hard to follow.

where to you might wonder. i did too. i just took a phonebook with me and aimed for the closest boat retailer. which in this case was a place called classic boatwares and sales...

getting there i was amazed to find they sold a wide range of old boats. not like used boats either. i mean they sold REALLY old boats. stuff they used in the stone age or uh i guess the wood age?

i was unconvinced this place had what i needed till the salesperson told me these were perfect for smooth boating, and be pretty low impact on the environment.

that was perfect. if i was going high impact i'd be easy to trace! that and such a weird boat would be SO weird no one would think a secret agent would dare use it. i took it!

now time to arrange for the transport of lobey to the boat at the peer, and get ready to release her later this afternoon.

though i'm still worried about lobey's enemies making their move. if they don't act soon they'll miss their chance...


you only evolve twice (aquarium part 8)

64.2 million BC

i'll take a water thawed not frozen...

the reason for my celebration i've found what i need to release lobey. the answer was so simple. i don't know why i didn't see it before...
it was the last tank i had to look at here in the whole aquarium. i was worried. what were the odds that this would hold the answer that i needed. out of all the tanks you'd think the i'd have run into this one already...

checking it out though i was amazed to see an archelon! it may have been a tiny one, but don't hold that against him. i myself know what it is like to be a small individual of a big species!

seconds later a myledaphus swam by... my hopes were realized! i'd found a tank that was the oceans of the BCs!!!

unfortunately ending my celebrations, swam by the last component of an authentic BC ocean... a shark!

now don't get me wrong... i'm liking the true too prehistory assemblage (though i don't want to stick around for a xiphactinus to come by... those guys are just bad scary news all round!), but lobey just won't stand a chance in this tank... the oceans of the BCs could be a scary eateny place... xiphactinuses, cretoxyrhinas, and mosasaurs oh my!

so you're wondering how is it i'm going to save lobey by throwing her in a tank of death...

simple i'm not.

i'm just going to release her into the ocean outside the aquarium... the reason it is the REAL sea of BC!!! she'll have a better chance in the open BC ocean then closed in a small tank with the killers of the prehistoric maritimes (or is the maritime a time period of it's own?)...

so my next task is to get the gear needed to facilitate this transfer...

though i'm still no closer to finding out whose behind the plot to kill lobey...

prehistory never dies... (aquarium part 7)

64.2 million BC

well after the whole beluga/ghost whale fiasco i was worried i was in over my head... cause superspies don't have things go that badly do they?

as i resumed the search though i realized that i must be at the midpoint of the crisis! the ghostbusters and peter being all mad was just like in a movie... i can't save the day if things don't get worse before they get better! and get better they are looking!

i have just made a key discovery here... though it may be more related to my quest in finding 65 million BC it holds out hope for lobey too!

searching the tropical displays i've found further ties here to me and lobey's part of BC...

just like lobey the aquarium has other living fossils!

in a tank area they have a couple crocodilians, distant cousins of mine. i think on my mom's side, but i'm not sure?

later on they had a bunch of birds. my descendents... making this part of the aquarium a dinosaur relative zone! which can only mean one thing...

this is a recreation of 65 million BC!!! meaning that i am almost home! more to the point where better to release lobey then where we both come from!!!
now i still have a slight problem. this is the perfect environment for a tyrannosaur to live and thrive, but not so much so for a coelacanth... i need to find out what the ocean looks like at 65 million BC

contracts are forever (aquarium part 6)

64.2 million BC

well you might say that my hiding in the staff washroom for over an hour is cowardly. especially since now i'm a superspy... but that's why i'm the superspy and your not! i know the battles i have to fight, and ghosts aren't one of them.

i've never once seen a movie where a superspy agent's job description included fighting a ghost. i do know however that it is in special talent agents' job descriptions... in particular my agent bond, peter bond's.

in our contract there is a stipulation that he HAS to prevent any preventable harm to both me and my career. i'd say a ghost attack is a threat to both!!!

calling peter up i explained my current... problem (more like crisis!!!). he told me to sit tight until he could implement a solution...

so peter has a plan for everything to do with his clients, and hearing of my fear of ghosts during our first meeting he put into place a haunting action plan. which entailed his calling the ghostbusters... the REAL ghostbusters, not one of those cheap knock offs or anything! not only that he geared up to personal oversee the busting to make sure they did it right!

man what an agent i have!

well peter and the ghostbusters showed up, and checked on me in my hiding place. after seeing i was okay they headed down to clear up that tank... getting back 5 minutes later they informed me that i'd made a mistake.

those were beluga whales not ghosts...

uh oh... the ghostbusters were a little more then mad for the emergancy call, and peter wasn't too pleased about having to pay them their rush fee... but better to be on the safe side right. right?

oh man. i'd better get back to helping lobey so that everyone will be impressed by me rather then angry...

the living ghostlights (aquarium part 5)

64.2 million BC

alright so i've arrived at a new tank here, and man is it cold... the closer one gets to the glass the more chilly the air gets... i thought the sign saying arctic leading to this tank was just a product placement or something (you know for gum or a condo development)...

didn't see to much in the tank initially. i started to get cold standing there so i decided to get further away to try and warm up...

while my back was turned the crowd "ewwww ahhhh"ed at something. turning around i saw only an empty tank... so i resumed my thermal retreat only to hear the crowd react again... and again an empty tank when i looked!!!

well then i was going to head up to the glass and see once and for what they were all on about!

peering closer to the glass i still couldn't see anything, but this was a HUGER tank then spinnaker's. i leaned in as close as i could... still nothing... looking back and forth i thought i saw some motion in the left corner of the tank... then suddenly just out of the corner of my eye WHOOSH!!!

something big swam by!!!

then i saw it... it was a pale white apparition in the form of a whale! a GHOST WHALE!!!

now even though i'm now a superspy i have to admit i did scream, and really loud. probably like a little girl even... but in my defense ghosts are REALLY scary!!!

making it even scary, and making my scream last a little longer then is acceptable suddenly two more of them showed up...

well i'm now hiding in the staff washroom hoping they didn't follow me!

at least the haunted tank isn't going to be any help with lobey... it was way too cold and haunted for her!!!

from oceania with love (aquarium part 4)

64.2 million BC

well lobey is getting worse, and despite my recon yesterday of the aquarium i'm no closer to helping her. this is a big place though... i only made it part way through it turns out.

today i'm back to the search in hopes i get an idea from a different area...

as of this point i may not know what to do to make lobey feel better, but i got a morale boost!

checking out one of the huge tanks they have here at the aquarium (i'm serious it's a HUGE tank of water... you could hold like a thousand million and four fish in this thing!!! though i won't risk a thousand million and five...), and there was an icthyosaur looking critter in there. noticing me it started to swim towards me!

i've read books where icthyosaurs try to eat people so i was a little alarmed for a second... especially now that i'm a spy!

it approached the glass real slow like, and i may have let out a little yelp... but only a little one i swear!

if this was like the movies any second it would rush the glass and smash through, and i'd be monster food.......

to my surprise it just stopped and floated there starring at me... i returned the favour.

after a minute or two of this starring competition (i lost like 9 times... this thing just doesn't blink at all!!!) i recognized what it was, remembering john acorn the nature nut's movie on marine reptiles at the tyrrell! it's was a dolphin...

i relaxed. dolphins are really friendly, peaceful, and smart. it was just curious about me is all. not going to eat me... though to be fair i won't put it past it to try and eat lobey... dolphins are fishyvores after all!

reading the sign i learned this dude's name was spinnaker, and he is a pacific white siding dolphin... that's kinda cruel making the dolphins being the decoration for the ocean!

so after three minutes of the two of us just sitting there and looking at each other i got the feeling spinnaker likes hanging out with me... the sign says that he usually swims around the tank fast... and sure enough after about the 4th minute he resumed his swimming. i'll have to remember to come hangout with him again if i can.

however it is back to business! time to help out lobey!


a view to a fishy (aquarium part 3)

64.2 million BC

okay so now i kind of responsible for the life of one sick coelacanth. regradless of whether i've been given the task under fake to not so real pretexts... a fishys life hangs in the balance, and i'm the only one who can save it!

now as i've become an undercover agent of sorts (factiod for you other spywannabes like me: it really helps to dress like the people your inflitrating) i need to handle this like a spy...

first i'm going to need a codename as to not let anyone follow a trail back to lobey. hmmmmmm i got it! hammerjaw! we t-rexs have a VERY strong bite.

alright so now i need to find a place where lobey can survive. alright so for me to achieve this a few things are going to have to go down first...
  • figure out how lobey needs to live
  • find a good place to release her
  • get the gear needed us there
  • put it all together and get her back into the wild!
alright so first thing is first... then uh... right, i'm kinda new to lists and stuff. not so used to organization... i sure hope this doesn't ruin my being a spy. NO must stick to the task at hand. no time to worry about this. lobey is counting on me!

okay so figure out how she should live... well i have no idea, but fortunetly i'm in a place that should have the answer... cause this place is full of fish!

okay so when i said they have a lot of fish i had no idea! have to say this is kind of a fun part of being a spy so far! i do love watching fish!

also as a sidenote based on these fish of the tropics i now know where to find nemo should the need arise!

i think i may have found the first of my spy rivals. these so called garden eels are kinda of shifty little things. poking their heads up to watch me, but shot back into their hidey holes when i come to look at them... not trusting these guys... wonder if their from russia?

okay i think the stakes are rising in this game! now i've met a trigger fish! i frisked him, and he may not be armed... but for how long???

who knew the world of marine biology was so dangerous? there are some big burly ones hanging around here too. despite their size i know their not the big fish... who is he or she, and why do they want lobey to die???
alright now i know i've seen this kind of fish somewhere... i think it was in a spy movie too...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! piranhas!!! i know what they do to spies!!!

okay so my findings so far in my investigation... no wonder lobey is in danger. the aquarium is a dangerous place!


undercover discovery! (aquarium part 2)

64.2 million BC...

i'm not sure what the events of today mean... i'd like to say i'm excited, and that really cool stuff is going to happen... but i'm also keeping my luck of the last 2 months in mind...

so what i do know is that indeed sarah and other employees at the aquarium think i work here. the only reason my uniform is almost exactly the same as theirs. other then my tyrrell logo on my shirt (which i've made sure to cover up with the nice new name tag these guys gave me!)...

i was going to fess up, and tell them that this was all a big mistake... that is till i got to see what the job was...

it may just need a dinosaurs touch!

sarah took me down into a locked down part of the aquarium where there was a tank with a weird looking fish... then i realized i knew what kind of fish this was! it was a coelacanth!!!

coelacanths are a fish from the time of dinosaurs (and way before actually), but unlike us they managed to survive in some areas outside the BCs... however this one was in the BCs... as in this one probably came from where the dinosaurs are still hanging out in the BCs!!!

sarah explained that lobey (the coelacanth) was not doing so good, and was getting sicker and sicker. there was just nothing that the aquarium could do to make her feel at home. as of such they wanted to release her back into the wild, but they had no idea where to do it.

this is where i came in. as an expert on prehistoric critters (i'm not claiming this... that's what they called me) i was to help them try and make sure lobey would find a new home...

well this is an interesting pickle i'm in here people of ciderspace. but that's nothing compared to standing here close to poor lobey. she's actually looking kinda like a pickle...

she's counting on finding a new home, and unlike me she needs someone else to do it for her!... it's nice of the aquarium to try and help... i wonder why the tyrrell didn't do that for me?

also as a fellow prehistoric beast i feel for her. apart from here in the BCs we don't exist in many places out there... well at least we dinos (except in museums) don't, and i know the few non BC coelacanths live FAR away from here...

so i'm going to keep up my aquarium staffer cover for now, and help lobey find a home. then i'll set the record straight... wonder what peter's advice here would be?

too good a fashion sense (aquarium part 1)

64.2 million BC

well today is aquarium/65 million BC day... do i set too lofty of goals?

now as both these things lie in densely forested stanley park this is where i have come today. fortuenetly their in order of less to more important, cause otherwise i might not move on if it were vice versa.

first up is the aquarium...

it's off to a terrific start! outside in front is the coolest fountain yet! and there have been a ton of cool fountains so far, and i KNOW my fountains. this is my favorite so far by a lot! it has a statue of an old skool style orca... i wonder if this is how they used to think orcas looked like how 100 years ago they used make dinosaurs look wrong?

i still think it looks awesome! so i spent a little bit out front just hanging out enjoying the water do it's thing...

getting inside the aquarium, all i have to say is holy moly! there is a HUGE tank full of all different kinds of fishys... way more kinds then i know... though notice they have surgeons just like the tyrrell's (except these ones are like 3 meters long!!!)...

i'm really really liked this place already, and i'd only seen one tank...

before i could check out any further though the weirdest thing happened...

two of the staffers (one a person the other a shark) came up to me and were like

"oh good there you are. we were worried you weren't coming in."

i was a little confused naturally... she must have been talking to someone behind me, but there was no one else around.

"uh excuse me?" i asked

"you're the new guy we hired. well good to see you weren't late just lost. come on we'll get you started..." she said.

so just like that she starts off through the aquarium. i was confused, but figured i should follow cause i didn't want to get in trouble.

"i'm sarah by the way, and this is gums." the girl said as she opened a door marked STAFF ONLY...

"uh i'm traumador the tyrannosaur." i said back trying not to be rude

"oh good, a dinosaur. you'll be an expert on this then." she sounded relieved. then she seemed to think on what i'd said "traumador? why does that seem formiliar? have we met before?"

oh boy. she musta heard my name on the news! no i told her, and hoped she won't connect the dots...

then i realized what was going on! the staff shirts here at the aquarium they look almost identical to my museum shirt!!! she must think i'm a new worker here at the aquarium... i gotta get out here! why'd i waste this oppurtunity doing a blog entry?!?

oh man she's coming back! okay people of the innerweb i gotta go! wonder how this is going to end???


up up and away!

64.6 million!!! (i cheated to see up to this as you'll see, but i still did it!!!)

well it was looking kinda like i'd fail at my goal of exploring as much area as i could today. after a whole day i'd made 10 blocks! however i just happened to come across the opportune solution.

an observation deck on a big tower that could see across ALL of vancouver!!!

man what a view! which lead very quickly to my catching up on my count for today. and then some!!!

as you can see up top JUST short of 65 million now! more to the point i know exactly where i need to go to get there. most of true vancouver is covered with human buildings, but just to the horizon is a big forest (maybe that's why it is called the urban forest!). asking one of the hosts in the tower they tell that is a place called stanley park which is big. not only that, but the aquarium is located within it!!!

maybe i am more dinosaur then i thought. maybe we ALL like sea critters!

as a fun sidenote to this trip i'd wondered how they kept all the windows so clean on the outside of the buildings. well i got to find out, and more to the point meet the gal who does the job. turns out ariel the bear does the cleaning with her helicopter pack! isn't that crazy! i'd never do that job.

oh well. so tomorrow i shall finally get to my goal, and a bonus side quest get to see a bunch of cool sea animals. can't wait! talk to you then people of the innerweb!

cruising along

63.1 million BC

okay so the plan today started out as trying to cover as much ground to get to 65 million by this evening if i could. well it's turning out that true vancouver has a few more challenges then i was expecting. in the form of too many neat things to check out and explore...

i decided to comb the shoreline here first so as to avoid the delays i met in north vancouver. probably a mistake. just like the boardwalk this area has way too much cool sights and sites. the sighte squared effect i'll call it!

there is this cool port for big cruise ships. i'm not going near the boats though. i don't want to risk them attracting an iceberg! i don't handle the cold so good...

coolest thing here though is another fountain! i really like this one. a ball made of spikes. like a hovering urchin of wet! spent a good time checking it out!

mustering a bit of courage i decided to check out the mall beside the cruise boats. i remembered that the love boat didn't sink till they made the movie about it decades later. though i think it's name was better in the show. the titanium sounds like a movie with arnold as a robotic sea captain from the future... oh well. point is i made it into the mall avoiding contact with chunks of sea ice!

inside there was the coolest advertisment ever! it was a fake tank full of sea critters, and said to see real sea animals visit the aqua-rium... i'm so going! not only do i get to see critters, but seeing an aqua concert too! can't pass that up... though i thought they'd broken up. hope they didn't replace anyone with a lame replacement, cause i'll know!


the greater area...

62.9 million BC

well the seabus went without incident, and now here i am... in true vancouver!

already some good news. like north vancouver i don't have to worry about massive nuclear explosions! seems good safety sense is a common trait to all dinosaurs!

i've heard it said that vancouver is an urban jungle, and though i'm definately getting the urban part not seeing the jungle. come on a tree to five hundred might justify it.

i'm voting for urban mountain range myself! these buildings are huge! though i guess i should be careful in case it's an active range. i'd hate to run into a volcanoscrapper or towerquake!!!

have to say i'm loving the greater vancouver area as a whole. YET another fountain! this place is like the land of fountains. again i'm seeing why we dinosaurs come from this area of BC!

oh well no time to waste hanging out here... much longer

the more i penetrate into the heart of the BCs the more impressive it's getting. just a block from the fountain a cool statue of orca whales! man do the wonders around here never end!

i sure hope not to be honest! just over 3 million blocks to go, and at this rate i'm not going to make based on all the incredible things i'm seeing!