deep fry (fish part 2)

60.125 million BC

okay this is a weird museum i've found. it has practically no signs anywhere. i can't tell what it is a museum of other then something to do with fish. mostly salmon and trout, but i only know that from the name plates under all the statues in these glass cases.

this is a pretty poor show. even i KNOW more about making a museum, and i have the brain the size of a peanut!

the three rules of museum interpretation are:

1. "have a clear educational mandate or objective then clearly structure your museum's information to convey this".

2. "Traumador pay attention!!!"

3. "don't talk about museum club"

and brad thought i didn't learn anything from his tyrrell training...

though they have some live specimens. that is cool. really cool i love watching fish swim! i can do it for hours... in this case 2 hours so far

according to the name plate here these are chinook salmon fry. i think they are amazing. not only cause their cool water animals swimming around, but cause they can survive that hot oil!
according to a webbedsite i found on the innerweb (which again is bad museum management... i shouldn't have to use my toplab here to find out more about their displays!) these guys are just babies. then i realized that this was a really cool display!

it was supposed to make you look at what it is to be a fry... these guys are so new to the world (they must have been just put in the tank cause there were 3 other empty tanks around them). innocent and isolated (by the big glass tank around them). they struggle to explore the world around them (cause there's not much to check out, just the 4 walls, pebbly bottom of the tank, and the waters surface... real boring if you ask me). waiting to see what the world around them was going to do (they were all watching the top of the water for food to be dropped in).

looking at them for so long i realized that they were going to growup to be like me... and no i don't mean to be t-rexes who like to eat steaks (though man i could go for a hadrosaur right about now)

their whole childhood is going to be spent growing up in a museum! here everything they will learn about will be human. their growing up in a setting that humans think is best for them (well okay i can't think of a better place for them then a fish tank right now... i'm not the smartest guy after all... but out in the ocean they could get eaten or something! maybe a fish sphere tank?). the only contact they'll have is with people, and thus rob them of their fish heritage...

i hope this place doesn't get too many fish later down the road, and lay these guys off... i don't think they can go on a road trip to find a new home like me. well at least not without fish type space suits full of water anyway... "this is one small flop for fish kind?"


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