a view to a fishy (aquarium part 3)

64.2 million BC

okay so now i kind of responsible for the life of one sick coelacanth. regradless of whether i've been given the task under fake to not so real pretexts... a fishys life hangs in the balance, and i'm the only one who can save it!

now as i've become an undercover agent of sorts (factiod for you other spywannabes like me: it really helps to dress like the people your inflitrating) i need to handle this like a spy...

first i'm going to need a codename as to not let anyone follow a trail back to lobey. hmmmmmm i got it! hammerjaw! we t-rexs have a VERY strong bite.

alright so now i need to find a place where lobey can survive. alright so for me to achieve this a few things are going to have to go down first...
  • figure out how lobey needs to live
  • find a good place to release her
  • get the gear needed us there
  • put it all together and get her back into the wild!
alright so first thing is first... then uh... right, i'm kinda new to lists and stuff. not so used to organization... i sure hope this doesn't ruin my being a spy. NO must stick to the task at hand. no time to worry about this. lobey is counting on me!

okay so figure out how she should live... well i have no idea, but fortunetly i'm in a place that should have the answer... cause this place is full of fish!

okay so when i said they have a lot of fish i had no idea! have to say this is kind of a fun part of being a spy so far! i do love watching fish!

also as a sidenote based on these fish of the tropics i now know where to find nemo should the need arise!

i think i may have found the first of my spy rivals. these so called garden eels are kinda of shifty little things. poking their heads up to watch me, but shot back into their hidey holes when i come to look at them... not trusting these guys... wonder if their from russia?

okay i think the stakes are rising in this game! now i've met a trigger fish! i frisked him, and he may not be armed... but for how long???

who knew the world of marine biology was so dangerous? there are some big burly ones hanging around here too. despite their size i know their not the big fish... who is he or she, and why do they want lobey to die???
alright now i know i've seen this kind of fish somewhere... i think it was in a spy movie too...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! piranhas!!! i know what they do to spies!!!

okay so my findings so far in my investigation... no wonder lobey is in danger. the aquarium is a dangerous place!

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christa said...

good luck Agent Hammerjaw. you'll find lobbey a home i know you will.