the port terminal (boardwalk part 3)

62.3 million BC

so i need to catch an aquatic bus... sounds silly i know, but that's what peter told me. one thing i'm learning quick here this week is to listen to peter. he knows what he's talking about!

for the first hour of trying to find this seabus i thought people were going to think i'm crazy if i asked where to find it. cause hey the idea of a busy driving on water is pretty crazy...

then i was approached by a guy who noticed i looked lost. he asked what i was looking for, and though i hesitated he insisted i tell him... to my amazement he didn't laugh at me or anything. he just pointed to a building on the boardwalk and said it was the port.

i think he meant terminal. cause boats are in ports. buses are from terminals... even i know that!

well i'm definately by the ocean. there were all these cool sea type artyfacts scattered around the place. i'm kinda nervous. i've never crossed the ocean before, and before this trip i'd only seen it on TV...

not sure i feel comfortable crossing it on a bus... but peter said this is a good idea.

well as i got to the port i noticed a old dude in a rowing boat. if i chicken out with the bus at least i have a backup.

so here i am waiting at this "port" and they say the bus will be here in about 5 minutes

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