up up and away!

64.6 million!!! (i cheated to see up to this as you'll see, but i still did it!!!)

well it was looking kinda like i'd fail at my goal of exploring as much area as i could today. after a whole day i'd made 10 blocks! however i just happened to come across the opportune solution.

an observation deck on a big tower that could see across ALL of vancouver!!!

man what a view! which lead very quickly to my catching up on my count for today. and then some!!!

as you can see up top JUST short of 65 million now! more to the point i know exactly where i need to go to get there. most of true vancouver is covered with human buildings, but just to the horizon is a big forest (maybe that's why it is called the urban forest!). asking one of the hosts in the tower they tell that is a place called stanley park which is big. not only that, but the aquarium is located within it!!!

maybe i am more dinosaur then i thought. maybe we ALL like sea critters!

as a fun sidenote to this trip i'd wondered how they kept all the windows so clean on the outside of the buildings. well i got to find out, and more to the point meet the gal who does the job. turns out ariel the bear does the cleaning with her helicopter pack! isn't that crazy! i'd never do that job.

oh well. so tomorrow i shall finally get to my goal, and a bonus side quest get to see a bunch of cool sea animals. can't wait! talk to you then people of the innerweb!

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