cruising along

63.1 million BC

okay so the plan today started out as trying to cover as much ground to get to 65 million by this evening if i could. well it's turning out that true vancouver has a few more challenges then i was expecting. in the form of too many neat things to check out and explore...

i decided to comb the shoreline here first so as to avoid the delays i met in north vancouver. probably a mistake. just like the boardwalk this area has way too much cool sights and sites. the sighte squared effect i'll call it!

there is this cool port for big cruise ships. i'm not going near the boats though. i don't want to risk them attracting an iceberg! i don't handle the cold so good...

coolest thing here though is another fountain! i really like this one. a ball made of spikes. like a hovering urchin of wet! spent a good time checking it out!

mustering a bit of courage i decided to check out the mall beside the cruise boats. i remembered that the love boat didn't sink till they made the movie about it decades later. though i think it's name was better in the show. the titanium sounds like a movie with arnold as a robotic sea captain from the future... oh well. point is i made it into the mall avoiding contact with chunks of sea ice!

inside there was the coolest advertisment ever! it was a fake tank full of sea critters, and said to see real sea animals visit the aqua-rium... i'm so going! not only do i get to see critters, but seeing an aqua concert too! can't pass that up... though i thought they'd broken up. hope they didn't replace anyone with a lame replacement, cause i'll know!

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The Ridger, FCD said...

I'm reading this whole thing, from the beginning, so I'm not commenting much, but I had to say "urchin of wet" is priceless!

In fact, I'm loving the whole blog.