the man with the wooden boat (undercover part 1)

64.38 million BC

okay i have plan of action to save lobey. now all i need is the gear to accomplish my goal...

first things first i'm going to need a boat. now do happen to be the proud owner of an entire fleet of ships (like an superspy should). problem is their my game pieces for battleship, which by the was NOT sunk! Despite that I'm still going to need a bigger boat...

as of such i had to use my cover as an employee of the aquarium to acquire myself a vessel that is actually seaworth.

to do that i had to wander further into downtown vancouver! what a busy bustling place. which for me was a little daunting. i'm from smalltown alberta. the most foot traffic i've seen in drumheller was during the canada day parade! this was like ten of those all on one block!

it is good too though, in that i blended in, and would be hard to follow.

where to you might wonder. i did too. i just took a phonebook with me and aimed for the closest boat retailer. which in this case was a place called classic boatwares and sales...

getting there i was amazed to find they sold a wide range of old boats. not like used boats either. i mean they sold REALLY old boats. stuff they used in the stone age or uh i guess the wood age?

i was unconvinced this place had what i needed till the salesperson told me these were perfect for smooth boating, and be pretty low impact on the environment.

that was perfect. if i was going high impact i'd be easy to trace! that and such a weird boat would be SO weird no one would think a secret agent would dare use it. i took it!

now time to arrange for the transport of lobey to the boat at the peer, and get ready to release her later this afternoon.

though i'm still worried about lobey's enemies making their move. if they don't act soon they'll miss their chance...

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