the greater area...

62.9 million BC

well the seabus went without incident, and now here i am... in true vancouver!

already some good news. like north vancouver i don't have to worry about massive nuclear explosions! seems good safety sense is a common trait to all dinosaurs!

i've heard it said that vancouver is an urban jungle, and though i'm definately getting the urban part not seeing the jungle. come on a tree to five hundred might justify it.

i'm voting for urban mountain range myself! these buildings are huge! though i guess i should be careful in case it's an active range. i'd hate to run into a volcanoscrapper or towerquake!!!

have to say i'm loving the greater vancouver area as a whole. YET another fountain! this place is like the land of fountains. again i'm seeing why we dinosaurs come from this area of BC!

oh well no time to waste hanging out here... much longer

the more i penetrate into the heart of the BCs the more impressive it's getting. just a block from the fountain a cool statue of orca whales! man do the wonders around here never end!

i sure hope not to be honest! just over 3 million blocks to go, and at this rate i'm not going to make based on all the incredible things i'm seeing!

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