cool piles

62.1 million BC

well now that i'm on a paid holiday from the eco centre i figured time to finish scouting north vancouver. the good news i've succeeded. the bad news still haven't quite got to 65 million BC.

one of the cool discoveries i made was in a park...

there were some toe-tim poles! these piles of crazy looking critters that go straight up into the air! how someone managed to balance them all like that i'm not sure?

definately one of the more interesting aspects of these late BCs i've found so far...

speaking of the late BCs i've run out of them to explore here in the realm of north vancouver... after this park there is a big bay full of ocean.

beyond that though lies true vancouver, and in it i suspect 65 million BC! i'm not going to head over there till i meet up with an expert to go over a game plan... though after the funness of a game we should also figure out my exploring vancouver!

so i'm just going to chill out here with the stacked critters of the toe-tim pole, and wait to hear back from peter...

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