first day (the centre part 2)

61.4 million BC

alright people of the innerweb i just started work here today. man this is going to be fun!

so today mike has given me the task of learning the exhibits of the eco centre. we've got some pretty cool stuff. among my favs are the things in the glass tubes... very sci-fi movieish.

there's a whole bunch of shrunken worlds just like the one with the teepees (oh and there is THIS one with teepees!!!).

the birds in a tube (i wonder if that is like a barrel of monkeys?) are really nice. its good to have relatives close by if i need anything... that and they eat termites... which are a possible threat to my place of work!

okay but the coolest thing we have is the anatomy corner where we have tons of skulls and bones from all kinds of animals... makes me feel right at home. just like the tyrrell... can't wait to greet guests as a traumadeer...
get it! i mixed my name with deer... they'll love it. you can't get writing much better then that from hollywood... uh or at least in a george lucas film...

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