just like before!

61.4 million BC

okay so my exploration of vancouver goes on! today i've continued my journey through the foresty realm of north vancouver. man i need to learn if there are elves or something living in here...

i came across something again here today! who knew? you get out and explore the world and this seems to happen to me at least once a day... what's up with that?

it was a big fence, even more hardcore then the one around dinotown... it said people had lost their lives on the other side. it was easily thick enough (compared to those ninny fences outside dinotown) to hold in a theropod! the resemblence to jurassic park is just stupid, and considering how close i am to 65 million could this in fact be my goal?

did they put up this fence in the lands of vancouver to hold in the primal rage that is my kind? or was their some other explanation?

well i can't tell you at moment. though this fence is signficantly more sturdy then the dinotown one it is way less electricy, but MAN does it have a good lock. i've been tugging on this for 30 min and it isn't giving!

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