lesson learned (dinotown part 6)

43 000 009 BC

well i'm giving up my mission to get into dinotown. clearly this isn't the refuge it was meant to be. more a hostile fortress against us t-rexs...

even mother nature is giving me my que to leave. after all four of my top secret plans failed, and i was trying to figure out what to do next... clouds rolled into the valley and blanketed the nice view.

it sure does look like jurassic park here now. only the fences aren't being turned off!

so with one last view of the dinner that never was, i depart. i've wasted too much time here. i need to make sure i don't stall getting to 65 million BC.

i did however learn something about us dinosaurs today. so i guess this debacle wasn't for nothing.

some of us are jerks!

well at least the plant eaters...

the real lesson here is that i should get used to being unpopular. who knew that the cost of being the top of the food chain would so expensive? well i guess that money was more making my own dinotown... but being a t-rex seems to make you unpopular with the other dinos too. where's one of those credit card commericals to tell me how much that costs?

have to make sure once i find the other t-rexes at 65 million that we keep the plant eaters there from banding together like these here at dinotown. their scary when they work together... should have seen this coming. i saw disneys dinosaur. man these guys were the more civilized version of that wandering gang calling itself a herd...

well time for the long walk back to the car... in the rain. those clouds just starting pouring...

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