signs of dinosaurs (dinotown part 2)

43.000 001 BC

while still following the stone wall around a possible town of dinosaurs i encountered definate proof of their existence (just wasn't sure if it was recent or not...)

i found a road leading further into the forest, and beside that road was a sign like non i'd seen before. a dinosaur sign! i'm from drumheller land of a hundred dinosaurs, and they don't have signs like this one...

well this had to mean i was on the right track! so i followed the road for some distance. all the while i noticed the stone wall still ran just off in the forest. i wonder who put it there. my dinosaur brothern or the mean humans of hope!

interupting my curiosity about the origins of the wall, i found the greatest sign of a dinosaur presence here in BC. the official marker for... DINOTOWN!

it wasn't run down or made of stone. so if movies are right (and they seldom are wrong in my experience) this is a modern sign. meaning down this road i should find other dinosaurs and a possible new home!

well i've wasted enough time updating you people of the innerweb. my puter break is over now. i'm going to push on now. it's dinotown or BUST!!!

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