the living ghostlights (aquarium part 5)

64.2 million BC

alright so i've arrived at a new tank here, and man is it cold... the closer one gets to the glass the more chilly the air gets... i thought the sign saying arctic leading to this tank was just a product placement or something (you know for gum or a condo development)...

didn't see to much in the tank initially. i started to get cold standing there so i decided to get further away to try and warm up...

while my back was turned the crowd "ewwww ahhhh"ed at something. turning around i saw only an empty tank... so i resumed my thermal retreat only to hear the crowd react again... and again an empty tank when i looked!!!

well then i was going to head up to the glass and see once and for what they were all on about!

peering closer to the glass i still couldn't see anything, but this was a HUGER tank then spinnaker's. i leaned in as close as i could... still nothing... looking back and forth i thought i saw some motion in the left corner of the tank... then suddenly just out of the corner of my eye WHOOSH!!!

something big swam by!!!

then i saw it... it was a pale white apparition in the form of a whale! a GHOST WHALE!!!

now even though i'm now a superspy i have to admit i did scream, and really loud. probably like a little girl even... but in my defense ghosts are REALLY scary!!!

making it even scary, and making my scream last a little longer then is acceptable suddenly two more of them showed up...

well i'm now hiding in the staff washroom hoping they didn't follow me!

at least the haunted tank isn't going to be any help with lobey... it was way too cold and haunted for her!!!

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