getting bugged at work (the centre part 3)

61.4 million BC

well today was the first day of actual work. mike assigned me to the insect corner. my job is to monitor our monsteriously enlargened insects, and make sure they don't hurt our guests.

the point of the display is to teach why humans shouldn't apply science to mad applications like growing things to unnaturally bigger sizes (well that and splicing them together... you know like paris hilt-is-on). there were a number of educational documentaries made in the 1960's, and for a while the number of giant insect attacks declined. in modern years though with the lessons of the past forgotten more and more insects are getting mutated to larger sizes!

wait a minute. aren't we contributing by growing these bugs ourselves? huh have to talk to mike about that...

i like the giant ants. their hardworking, superstrong, crafty, and all women. everything i want to have when i grow up!

these guys can be dangerous though if they get out. they'd start building super anthills, and tear down human cities to do it! worse yet sometimes one in every few thousand enlargened ants gets smart and learns to talk, and then all they do is walk around demanding the formula that did it in the first place!

okay it won't be work if everything was fun like the ants. mike decided that the display needed a bit more reinforcment. ants were dandy to grow in the 1950's but this is the new millenniumfalcon, and mad science won't settle for giant ants anymore.

so to illustrate this mike has grown giant mosquitoes. now i thought after this summer at badlands science camp that they were annouying (man there was a TON after all the rain last year. you'd turn black if you stood still for 20 seconds!). try one the size of your head! i'd rather fight dracula (and he is REALLY scary! but only one of him, and he's not as noisy at least... all i heard all day BUZZBUZZBUZZBUZZBUZZBUZZBUZZBUZZ)

the worst of all though... i suspect mike went a little frankenstien (not the monster who is also SCARY!!! but the sciency dude) and made the worst large insect of them all... the giant wasp!!!
okay so i admit the small ones scary me as much as vampires and big reanimated monsters... i've been stung on the nose a few too many times.

mike's super wasps were too much... i kinda ran away from them whenever i went to check the cage. fortuently they haven't figured out how to open doors yet... or i mean glass cases...
i'm just going to go make sure mike hide the formula well on my way home...

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