contracts are forever (aquarium part 6)

64.2 million BC

well you might say that my hiding in the staff washroom for over an hour is cowardly. especially since now i'm a superspy... but that's why i'm the superspy and your not! i know the battles i have to fight, and ghosts aren't one of them.

i've never once seen a movie where a superspy agent's job description included fighting a ghost. i do know however that it is in special talent agents' job descriptions... in particular my agent bond, peter bond's.

in our contract there is a stipulation that he HAS to prevent any preventable harm to both me and my career. i'd say a ghost attack is a threat to both!!!

calling peter up i explained my current... problem (more like crisis!!!). he told me to sit tight until he could implement a solution...

so peter has a plan for everything to do with his clients, and hearing of my fear of ghosts during our first meeting he put into place a haunting action plan. which entailed his calling the ghostbusters... the REAL ghostbusters, not one of those cheap knock offs or anything! not only that he geared up to personal oversee the busting to make sure they did it right!

man what an agent i have!

well peter and the ghostbusters showed up, and checked on me in my hiding place. after seeing i was okay they headed down to clear up that tank... getting back 5 minutes later they informed me that i'd made a mistake.

those were beluga whales not ghosts...

uh oh... the ghostbusters were a little more then mad for the emergancy call, and peter wasn't too pleased about having to pay them their rush fee... but better to be on the safe side right. right?

oh man. i'd better get back to helping lobey so that everyone will be impressed by me rather then angry...

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