unethical excercise! (fish part 3)

60, 125, 001 BC

well this museum just gets weirder and weirder. so first we have the case of fish with next to no signs in it. then the tanks of fish with only a name label. now here i am in the place's basement and the weirdest thing i've seen yet.

it is a stairway full of water...

seriously i'm not making this up people of the innerweb. it is a giant staircase full of water that they've put a glass tank around it.

you want to know the really sick part though... they make fish run up it!

i know! this is a monsterious. what kind of museum do they run here? fish torture? the iron fish? fish fat camp?

i never heard of such a morally questionable display ever! well okay apart from the creationist museum i went to in 2004...

the really scary part was how popular this display was. within moments of my getting to the basement (and taking the picture up above) a huge crowd formed around the window, and these people sat there just watching those poor fishys struggle their way up the staircase.

now i can handle watching fish swim normally for hours, but this is not them doing their fishy thing. this is just wrong. that'd be like making me dig up fossil all day at the tyrrell... wait a minute! that happened more then once!!!

i couldn't handle watching that for long so wandered down the hall. i found where the staircase lead. into a really big creepy, but neat tank. in there were tons of grown up salmon. boy were they big. their almost as long as i am!

they didn't seem too upset by the ordeal they'd just been put through on the staircase. then again based on how their younger coworkers were being raised upstairs this hardly surprises me. they have no idea what the world out there holds...

hmmm couldn't figure out why i was getting so hungry. of course! i've been trapped here all day! have to look into getting out of here soon. especially since i ate... or uh did more indepth learning one of the exhibits...

ah man it's still raining out there, and i've had enough swimming for today (that is watching it... i feel that is close enough!). i'm going to camp out here since they haven't made any annoucements about the place closing. come to think of it this place didn't have any doors when i got in here... how would they lock up?

well catch you tomorrow people of the innerweb. i'm off to sleep with the fishes...

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