so much to do! (boardwalk part 2)

62.3 million BC

alright so i've made it to the lower level of the boardwalk, and there a lot of neat stuff down here. haven't even notice the time go by. peter gets here in a few minutes, and i could easily spend the whole day checking this place out!

first there was tommy the tugboat! though have to say it is unfortuntely true that celebrities can be real jerks in real life. i asked tommy like a hundred times for an autograph, and he didn't say a thing to me. finally this guy on the boardwalk is like "yo dude the boat ain't going to talk to you!" how rude! tommy could of at least told me, and not had one of his bodyguards do it!

then there was of course that fountain. i really like the raising triangle in the middle of it. reminds me of a triangle!

perhaps the coolest thing though was the telyscope! after my confusion at frank's slide with their telyscope this one was easy to make work!

i'm trying to do some prescouting scouting in true vancouver. no 65 million BC yet, but at least i know it is not along the waterline!

that and i'm noticing one boat unlike the rest is landing both on this side of the bay, and the other... none of the other boats are doing that... i wonder what that means?

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