an unfun slide

well my exploration begins!

sadly i haven't found any tyrannosaurs yet though... even more sad is the place i found today

exploring the crows nesting pass i quickly discovered that even though there are a lot of small towns in here, their all part of the same community. kinda the same way drumheller used to be... i miss drum

anyways exploring around this town called frank i came across this big
commemoration marker. it was for something called the frank's slide. looking around i was confused as i couldn't see a playground anywhere... but i LOVE slides, well okay not as much as swings, but slides are pretty fun too!

following the sidewalk instead of a playground i came across an interpretive building and a big patio. the patio had a really nice view of the big mountain above frank called turtle mountain... i gotta see if i can find some turtles later in my t-rex search...

anyways the interpretive building was closed as i got there too late. the patio on the other hand had some nice big signs to check out.

so the slide wasn't part of a playground. it was even a real slide!!! it was a rock slide... which sounds like fun, but it isn't! it buried a coal mine, and killed a bunch of people...

they had a telescope on the patio which you could use to look up at the mountain. trying to use it though i couldn't see anything. not fair! they always work in the submarine movies!

a nice lady walking her dog noticed my distress, and told me i was using the telescope wrong. man who knew the different ends did different things!?! i wasted a good $5 for someone to see me really close up...

now with my telescope pointed the right way i couldn't see any of the rock's sliding. probably a good thing. cause according to the signs they can do a lot of damage.

hmmmm coal mining. that's what the signs say was the reason people moved here for... just like drumheller and all the towns around it... that's kinda cool coincidenc

unlike drum though this place's mine had a HUGE accident. i'm really sad standing here in the shadow of the turtle's mountain... hopefully i will find something more less depressing tomorrow once i resume my search... till then i shall pay my respects to the victim's of this not fun slide...

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Peter Bond said...

Yes, the Frank Slide was tragic. And is very impressive up close. The side of the mountain slid down, continuing across the valley, and then up the other side.

That said, I laughed my *** off when you wrote this Traumador, "i wasted a good $5 for someone to see me really close up..."

Hhahahahhaha.....ugh,,,ha,,he he ..heh....funny
Keep it up!