bear hug... (kimberly part 2)

3724 BC

well after having checked out the platzl i can safely say it is exactly 3 blocks. phew that's a relief! only 64,996,276 more to go!

on my way back towards the car i bumped into a big black bear. he looked mean and scary... i naturally being the brave t-rex i am stood my ground before this beast (after desperately trying to find a hiding place or gun!) ... i pleaded with it to not kill me, and proceeded to tell it my whole ordeal of the last 2 months...

turns out she's a nice bear, and is just a greeter at a convience store on the platzl. she felt really sorry from me, and tried to cheer me up. man i've got bear's all wrong. at least alpian rockie bavarian canadian bears!

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