weird still following me!

14.759 million BC... there are a lot of blocks in this area i'm in! hope the next few are just as good! then i can stop driving...

well today some more weird stuff popped it's headup. fortuently just its head, and only in picture form.

while driving through the okanagan valley counting all the streets throughout it (boy is it a long lake with like 12 towns and cities) on my way out through the southern most city called osoyoos i came across a giant picture of what looked like a dinosaur!?!

upon closer inspection i discovered that this was in fact a portrait of the o-go-pogo-stick. a strange creature that for the most part is unknown just like BIG FEET...

unlike BIG FEET though this critter doesn't steal booze. rather appears in real fuzzy or blurry photos that look like otters or logs...

some say it's just an otter. others think it's a surgeon, though why they haven't then steaked out the local hospitals i don't know! while a few think it is a prehistoric beast like a plesiosaur!

if it is this last one then i MUST be getting closer to 65 million BC and the dinosaurs!

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