they didn't build them like this!

i've curently managed to make it to 564 BC.

it is in a place called sparwood. it's no where near my goal of 65 million BC, but has one cool point of interest i had to check out. it may not be a dinosaur, but it is big enough to be one!

here in sparwood they have a thing called the Terex Titan... which is one letter off from being a t-rex i might point out! it's a giant GIANT tonka truck

and boy do i mean GIANT! it was so big that i had to bite it to make sure i wasn't dreaming... or was it supposed to bite me? hmmmm

but based on this i know i must be getting closer to where we dinosaurs came from... why else would they have built a big tonka like this? not like you can do anything with them but play with them, and who else is big enough to play with a tonka this big?!?

well onto 565 BC... man i sure hope i get into the millions soon... counting this high is starting to hurt my brain!

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