going back to BC!

okay i got it people of the innerweb!

the answer was so simple... i've heard it a gazillion times... it just took me a while to figure out what the answer meant... kinda like hitchhikers guide to the galaxy i knew the answer, but not the question

so people at the museum kept saying we tyrannosaurs come from "65 million BC", right.

well then it's easy i'm going there! that way i can get in touch with my roots, and hopefully find a place where i'll fit in.

it wasn't the easiest to figure out. that is till i realized that i don't live all that far from BC. the trick will be to find the 65th million block in it!

so my quest officially began this morning when I entered BC... I'm still a long way from 65 million BC mind you, but I did encountered the first block in BC putting me at 1 BC. It had a cool sign letting me know i'm off to the right start. where else would we T-rexs come from but "the best place on earth" i mean come on!!!

i'll keep you updated as usual...

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