great name for a hotel...

4. 675 million BC

well i've made it to BC trail today. odd looking path though i have to say, more like a town then a trail through BC...

now that i'm getting further back in BC i figured i'd start looking to see if they needed a dinosaur around these parts. i might get sick of being back home in 65 million after all, and it never hurts to check.

after asking a few of the locals if there was indeed an opening for a dinosaur, they all told me to check on main street at the hotel...

when i got there it was no ordinary hotel, but one called the REX hotel! had i miscounted the streets... was i already at 65 million BC?!?

well it turns out not.

walking into the hotel the guy sitting behind the desk looked up from his computer, and then resumed typing... then just like it was a movie his glance zipped back up to me in disbelief. "you're... you're a tyrannosaur." he said.

i was like "you betcha! you guys won't happen to need a mascot for your hotel would ya?"

"i sure do! that's why we had the name of the place changed to rex. not only to attract dinosaur tourists, but a dinosaur too!" he replied

cool i thought. if 65 million doesn't work out then this place is a great backup!

he had something he wanted to show me in the back... as we went i suddenly wasn't sure about this place. there were heads of all kinds of animals on the walls. as we came around to the dining room i suddenly realized why he hadn't already got a t-rex to be his mascot...

on the wall was a big plaque ready to mount a stuffed head, and underneath it said "tyrannosaurus rex"!!! i turned around to see him sharpening his knife! i had to think fast... which didn't happen! stupid brain the size of a peanut.

fortuently just as i was about to meet my end an old lady shouted from behind "what are doing? your father said he wanted a tyrannosaurus rex! not this little lizard!"

"i am a tyrannosaur!" i retorted. man was i mad... wait a minute. that wasn't very bright. man got to remember when they say i'm a lizard i say YES!

well the lady, i guess kinfe guys mom, didn't take my correction to well. she suddenly started hitting me with a broom, and chased me out of the hotel!

well that kinda swepted away my high spirits. all i have to say is fellow tyrannosaurs don't goto the rex hotel!!!

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