a weather balloon in creston?!?

63 729 BC... now we're getting somewhere!

well today i passed through a town called creston. it is located in the middle of mountains, and was a very pretty place.

however as i drove through this town little did i know that i was about to see something that would change me life forever... or at least that day... uh maybe that afternoon?

i stopped off at a local park to have my lunch. happily i munched away oblivious to the fact that just meters away in the parking lot a terrible creature was lurking about...

taking a quick look back at my car in the middle of eating i suddenly noticed what i thought was a guy in a really furry coat. which would have made some sense considering how far into BC i'd made it. i should be hitting a town of nothing but cavemen soon.

this was NO caveman though, and it had just gotten into my car... i've got to remember to lock the doors more!!!

it grabbed something out of my car, and then proceeded to book it away at a reasonable speed.

not knowing what it had taken from me i headed over to investigate. it had stolen the case of beer happy hans had given me as a parting gift yesterday!

i took to my heels (well toes technically... we dinosaurs don't really use our heels when we walk or run...) after the beer stealing beast!

it had gotten enough of a head start that it had gotten around a fence. due to my small arm size, and just general overall size i was unable to climb the fence. the beast got away.

not before i was able to snap this picture though... at first i couldn't believe my eyes. i'd taken a picture of the loch ness monster! then i realized that i was looking at me in the picture... on the other side of the fence though i'd captured unquestionable proof of BIG FEET!

i fired off an email as fast as i could to world renowned paranormal expert Professor Paradigm to see what he had to say about my photo...

while i waited to hear back from the professor i decided to look more into big feet. after asking around i finally found a nice guy named mr. ranger. he knew a lot about big feet or... uh i think he called it a sats squash.

they prowl the mountains of BC hunting for unwary victims and their booze... when the prey least suspects it SWABAMO! the big feet steal unguarded alcohol... sounds like my encounter alright!

hearing that my beer had just been stolen mr. ranger suddenly got really excited, and decided to try and track down the monster. when i asked if there was any chance i'd see my beer again all mr. ranger had to say was "dare to dream. dare to dream."

that kinda ended that investigation. though it reminds me i HAVE to look into the mystery of the crowsnest triangle and the littlest church next time i'm around drumheller...

to end off this fiasco i got a reply from the professor... you can check it out below

he says big feet was a weather balloon, but that was no weather balloon!!!

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