did i leave the continent? (kimberly part 1)

3721 BC... man i'm making some progress

today i made it to a place called kimberly. it may still a little earlier then my goal of 65 million BC, but this place was definitely stopping to check out...

to get here you have to head up a loop on the highway that puts you through some real nice and scenic mountains... i won't have headed up, but i wanted to make sure that i didn't miss any block here in BC... otherwise my count could be way off, and i'd miss 65 million

however in kimberly there was a few blocks that i couldn't drive by cause they were enclosed in a weird square complex of buildings... i again didn't want to miss a single block so i pulled into the big parking lot outside this "Platzl". the only way into the middle of the platzl was through a cool, but kinda retro tunnel... you're never going to believe what i found!

it was a ancient european type village. just like a place called bavaria in germany (i looked it up on the innerweb!)... my uncle alex would love it here. it's just like his old homeland... only here in canada... oh and it's a lot smaller... uh and they don't speak german... oh and he's not here....

it was kinda weird there were even people walking around in lederhosen which was kinda weird. i thought you only wear those when you needed to yodel for cough medicine?

not quite what i expected to find on my trip back into the BCs. though it is evidence my trip is working... an old skool alps village is definately closer to Dino times then sharwood was!

one last fun note was an advertisement for a bavarian blog! i'll have to remember check that out once i'm done exploring kimberly!

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Dan said...

Silly Traumador! That doesn't say "blog" you crazy carnivore! Good to see you finally have a good plan and know exactly where you are heading. Good luck making it to the 65,000,000th block of B.C.

Sincerely your old Stuck in Heller roomie,


PS: The larva sends its love.

PPS: You still owe me a toothbrush that doesn't have dino germs on it.

PPPS: Dippity-Do is AWESOME!