on the right track... or maybe left

well i'm back to the hunt for another tyrannosaur, who can then tell me about my heritage...

today i may have made some progress... i have found the oldman river which is an important step. as the tyrannosaurs of the crowsnesting pass have all thus far been found along it... meaning if i stick to looking around here then i'm bound to hit dinosaur pay dirt!

my first discovery thus far has been a bridge... a big cool one... i think trains go over it, as i had to leave my car in the parking lot and walk into a forest to get to it... under that bridge though flows the river, and by the river hopefully i shall soon find a fellow t-rex!

in the meantime i have some pretty cool scenery to check out. as there are lots of very pretty waterfalls (kinda like fountains... i LOVE fountains!!!) all over the place... and if i'm anything like my race hopefully the other rexs will think their just as neat, and hangout by one

so the search goes on...

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California Will said...

I really wish that I could be there. I find a ton (almost literally) of stuff where I am, but the variety is low, and its hard to get excited about finding the same few small fishes and leaves every day. That and there's no real challange to the actual fossil hunting. Most of my effort just goes into staying alive. Oh well. Good luck.