the test... (the centre part 1)

61 000 238 BC

unfortunetly i spent too long exploring the other side of the bridge last night, and it got dark while i was mucking around in the forest. so i had to camp out in the forest overnight...

i thought it'd be scary, but it was unusually calming. it was like this is where i'm supposed to be...

i felt the vibe of the arboreal abode as the inhabitants switched to their nocturnal means (WOW did you just read that! i'm even using big smart sounding words to describe it, WEIRD!!!). i had no trouble sleeping. the one time something seemed to be sneaking up on me i just knew to roar and it ran off into the woods... i think i had my first instinctive t-rex moment!

can't wait till i find 65 million and tell all the other t-rexes

so getting up this morning i resumed checking out the forest. after a little while i discovered a cool tunnel that led up to a plant covered building...

the north vancouver eco centre said a vine covered sign outside it. as i was here i figured i might as well check it out... you're not going to believe what happened next!

so getting inside i was amazed. it was just like a museum (again!). only in here they'd stuck with brad's rules of museum interpretation! such good displays all about nature and the environment... my marvelling at this hidden ancient museum of the BCs brought me to the attention of mike the centre's director.

he noticed that i was wearing a royal tyrrell uniform (the only human clothing i owe... and till i get to 65 million BC i think i should try to blend in. people around here probably know how furious us t-rexes are. unlike naive albertans!). he had visited drumheller before, and really like our museum. when i said they'd laid me off mike got interested.

"do you need a job?" he asked

i hadn't thought about it, but yeah i was going to need a job here in the BCs... odds were good that at 65 million they were probably still living in the stone age, and thus i wasn't going to be making a good living there. i'd need a job in the outside world. (especially considering the debt i racked up in dinotown i REALLY am going to need some money!)

mike was pleased to hear this as the centre needed staffers. before he could hire me though he was going to test me to see if i had what it took to be an interpreter...

so the only way to do that was of course have me go through the centres displays and prove i knew some museumy type stuff... well the first exhibit ironically is just like the tyrrell's first... mike thought that i didn't know what a globe was cause i was a little confused. i told him i knew it was a globe of the earth... just that it should be i don't know a bit bigger or something...

"good answer!" he exclaimed, and checked off something on his list.

cool. first question right! guess he's been meaning to upgrade the size of his globe to tyrrell size.

next we came up to a tiny world trapped in glass. wonder how they got shrunk?

anyways i noticed a group of teepees in there... badlands science camp i thought! cool i couldn't wait till it was my turn to be shrunk. working at camp that's a job i know how to do!

mike asked what i was so concerned about.

"the teepees" i said.

"very good eye!" he replied, and yet another tick on the list.

last stop was a display on my buddies the fish. this one had a bunch of cool tube lights in glass... man i love tube lights!

when you hit different buttons different light strings lite up. man that was fun! i was playing out a cool disco version of take me to the paradise city in my head when suddenly mike interupted my fun...

"so what's the signficance of this display?" he asked.

okay i had to think quick (which of course you people of the inner web know is hard for me with my brain the size of a peanut)... i had just been the fish hatchery. they do excercise up watery stairs where they'll meet their mates... not sure why these austrilian fish don't just stay down under. wouldn't canada be a pretty far vaccation to take if you have to swim?

oh man. see. this is what i mean. i can't think good under pressure (or anytime really). i also tend to think out loud too...

"the red lights are bad" i said.

"wonderful!" mike said all happy. "that's three for three! you know your stuff alright!"

wasn't sure what he was talking about. the red string lights had some burnt out bulbs and were thus bad strings... i found out reading the display later that the red lights are supposed to represent pollutants that kill fish, which are bad... man i have good luck!

proving that even more... i got the job!!!

can you believe people of the innerweb? i sure can't! looks like this trip to the BCs was a great idea after all.

now mike won't let me start work till tomorrow. he says that no one can work at the nature centre till they have a talent agent. he thinks because i didn't have on in drum that's why they could let me go. with an agent though i'm covered he said.

so i'm off to meet my agent here tonight in TRUE vancouver!!! i'm kinda excited. journeying into a new realm of vancouver, and this one might be in fact 65 million BC!

keep you posted people of the web wide world...

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christa said...

Another job, wow! Good luck Traumador