prehistory never dies... (aquarium part 7)

64.2 million BC

well after the whole beluga/ghost whale fiasco i was worried i was in over my head... cause superspies don't have things go that badly do they?

as i resumed the search though i realized that i must be at the midpoint of the crisis! the ghostbusters and peter being all mad was just like in a movie... i can't save the day if things don't get worse before they get better! and get better they are looking!

i have just made a key discovery here... though it may be more related to my quest in finding 65 million BC it holds out hope for lobey too!

searching the tropical displays i've found further ties here to me and lobey's part of BC...

just like lobey the aquarium has other living fossils!

in a tank area they have a couple crocodilians, distant cousins of mine. i think on my mom's side, but i'm not sure?

later on they had a bunch of birds. my descendents... making this part of the aquarium a dinosaur relative zone! which can only mean one thing...

this is a recreation of 65 million BC!!! meaning that i am almost home! more to the point where better to release lobey then where we both come from!!!
now i still have a slight problem. this is the perfect environment for a tyrannosaur to live and thrive, but not so much so for a coelacanth... i need to find out what the ocean looks like at 65 million BC

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