boy was i turned around! (fish part 4)

60 125 005 BC

okay to start off i just want to make a commentary on the old saying "sleeping with the fishys". everytime i've heard this adage it is made to sound like a bad thing...

that was one of the best night sleeps i've had so far since i got kicked out of drumheller. the fish are quiet during the night (all the time really), and they make nice soft pillows! though a little on the slimy side... but what a fragrance you wake up with!

well it stopped raining at some point in the night, and as of such i was able to explore the area outisde the fish museum today. i made an interesting discovery...

turns out this wasn't a fish museum at all! rather it is a fish hatchery. it's a place where humans help fish make more fish so that they don't disappear. i think that's super!

it also explains why this place wasn't presenting a lot of information about the fish... you were supposed to know it was a fishery before you visited. stupid rain!

i guess brad missed a very important rule to museum interpretation:

4. make sure it is a museum

when i get back to drumheller i'll make sure they add that one to the training manual.

looking around outside i made a relieving find. turns out my fry buddies down in the tank aren't alone. out here they have giant ponds FULL of other fry. they take turns in the tank, and then the rest of the time hanging out with several hundred friends learning what it is to be a fish. wish the tyrrell had done something like that with us dinos...

also found out what that watery staircase was for. turns out that salmon and trout are SUPPOSED to go up those every year for a big social gathering in the fall. must be to mark the end of summer. the sign also said something about them mating. i had no idea these fish were australian!

yeah i may have got the wrong idea about this place jumping in with wet feet (cause it was pouring yesterday), but very glad i checked it out. it sure is a real popular spot already the place is filled with people all coming to check out the cool fish of the capilano hatchery

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