duty is calling (smoke part 3)

25 million BC

well i've found out what the problem is. i'm currently near a place called manning park. it's a LOT bigger then the parks and playgrounds i'm used to though. also a lot more foresty.

right now though the whole area is in the middle of being on fire!

there are road blocks and stuff for some of the roads leading into the more remote areas of the park. lots of forest rangers and firefighters are around though.

seeing these guys i had a great idea to help me get that job as a mountainy police officer i applied for a month ago!

i volunteered to help put the fire out!

now the firefighters were all to busy to give me a job when i told them i was going to help out, and since there was no time to waste i went about finding some fire fighting equipment. i came across a big tractor, and i've seen enough movies to know that these can be used to fight anything! the fire didn't stand a chance

driving into action i set about to find the first sign of fire. didn't take too long either. one of the firefighting helicoptors came to landing, and i noticed it had smoke coming off it. it had caught on fire when dropping water on the forest!

as quickly as i could i buried the chopper so that the fire didn't spread, and if it exploded (cause again i've learned from movies! if a machine is on fire it explodes!) then no one would be hurt...

well turns out that was just smoke from it's exhaust... how was i supposed to know?

the firefighters sure were mad. if they didn't have a big forest fire to fight i think i woulda been in more trouble.

i'm going to sneak outta here while i can... sure hope the mountain police don't hear about this...

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Kirstin said...

Traumador! Where will you end up next?!?!?!?