from oceania with love (aquarium part 4)

64.2 million BC

well lobey is getting worse, and despite my recon yesterday of the aquarium i'm no closer to helping her. this is a big place though... i only made it part way through it turns out.

today i'm back to the search in hopes i get an idea from a different area...

as of this point i may not know what to do to make lobey feel better, but i got a morale boost!

checking out one of the huge tanks they have here at the aquarium (i'm serious it's a HUGE tank of water... you could hold like a thousand million and four fish in this thing!!! though i won't risk a thousand million and five...), and there was an icthyosaur looking critter in there. noticing me it started to swim towards me!

i've read books where icthyosaurs try to eat people so i was a little alarmed for a second... especially now that i'm a spy!

it approached the glass real slow like, and i may have let out a little yelp... but only a little one i swear!

if this was like the movies any second it would rush the glass and smash through, and i'd be monster food.......

to my surprise it just stopped and floated there starring at me... i returned the favour.

after a minute or two of this starring competition (i lost like 9 times... this thing just doesn't blink at all!!!) i recognized what it was, remembering john acorn the nature nut's movie on marine reptiles at the tyrrell! it's was a dolphin...

i relaxed. dolphins are really friendly, peaceful, and smart. it was just curious about me is all. not going to eat me... though to be fair i won't put it past it to try and eat lobey... dolphins are fishyvores after all!

reading the sign i learned this dude's name was spinnaker, and he is a pacific white siding dolphin... that's kinda cruel making the dolphins being the decoration for the ocean!

so after three minutes of the two of us just sitting there and looking at each other i got the feeling spinnaker likes hanging out with me... the sign says that he usually swims around the tank fast... and sure enough after about the 4th minute he resumed his swimming. i'll have to remember to come hangout with him again if i can.

however it is back to business! time to help out lobey!

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