the venture pact (agent part 2)

62.3 million BC

okay peter arrrived and it was time to get to business... or at least that is how the saying goes... though neither peter nor i wore a business suit which if i follow what i see on TV is what makes business business (that and being SO boring! which this was not!)

first were the pleasantries...

then down to business! again not sure how, but none the less that's what peter said. (you'll notice how we're both intently looking at true vancouver... well you would if the camera were facing it, and not in front of it, and you were there with us seeing how the camera was on the railing...vancouver is behind the camera okay!)

so peter wanted to talk to me about the "fallout" from the eco centre incident...

he said it did great things for getting my name out there... we just needed to get over this whole "primal savage beast" persona i picked up...

when i told him my plans in true vancouver he said it was a good idea. then he said to me this:

"traumador i think it's great you're looking for your roots. their important. their what a man stands firmly on or rather i guess in your case a tyrannosaur *he laughed* that's besides the point though. you can only look to where you came from for so long. after that the roots they aren't holding you up anymore traumador. their bringing you down. the past is a great thing to reference. just not live your life in..."

i was captivated it was like captain kirk was talking to me!

"it may sound good to live with your own kind, but that then just makes you one of the ordinary people. if there's one thing you don't want in this world traumador is to be normal! if you're normal then people will take you forgranted, and not take notice of you. it'll be easier for them to sweep you under the rug, and make it like you never existed!"

wow he was right. this sounded just like my getting kicked out of the tyrrell!!!

"i know it hits you hard traumador... as your agent it hurts me to have to hurt you. i just want you to realize there is a whole world out there. you shouldn't settle for just anywhere in it! so if and when you find your dinosaur friends there over in V town i just want you to make sure they really appreciate you before you decide to join them permenantly. cause after all as my client you won't be meeting your full potiential as just another old dinosaur..."

well of course they were going to appreciate me when i got there... weren't they. i mean i'm a t-rex king of the dinosaurs. of course the other dinosaurs were going to take me in... just like uh... oh man... hasn't happened yet, but it will... won't it...

well thinking about it i agreed to peter's asking me to keep wandering if vancouver didn't work out...

seeing he'd got me down peter was like

"cheer up kid. you'll love it over there, and see some other dinos will do you good! come on i'll show you how to get over there."

i'm glad he cheered me back up. this trip has been kinda unfun on achieving my goal...

but i think it's about to pay off. i get to take a bus across the ocean!

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