too good a fashion sense (aquarium part 1)

64.2 million BC

well today is aquarium/65 million BC day... do i set too lofty of goals?

now as both these things lie in densely forested stanley park this is where i have come today. fortuenetly their in order of less to more important, cause otherwise i might not move on if it were vice versa.

first up is the aquarium...

it's off to a terrific start! outside in front is the coolest fountain yet! and there have been a ton of cool fountains so far, and i KNOW my fountains. this is my favorite so far by a lot! it has a statue of an old skool style orca... i wonder if this is how they used to think orcas looked like how 100 years ago they used make dinosaurs look wrong?

i still think it looks awesome! so i spent a little bit out front just hanging out enjoying the water do it's thing...

getting inside the aquarium, all i have to say is holy moly! there is a HUGE tank full of all different kinds of fishys... way more kinds then i know... though notice they have surgeons just like the tyrrell's (except these ones are like 3 meters long!!!)...

i'm really really liked this place already, and i'd only seen one tank...

before i could check out any further though the weirdest thing happened...

two of the staffers (one a person the other a shark) came up to me and were like

"oh good there you are. we were worried you weren't coming in."

i was a little confused naturally... she must have been talking to someone behind me, but there was no one else around.

"uh excuse me?" i asked

"you're the new guy we hired. well good to see you weren't late just lost. come on we'll get you started..." she said.

so just like that she starts off through the aquarium. i was confused, but figured i should follow cause i didn't want to get in trouble.

"i'm sarah by the way, and this is gums." the girl said as she opened a door marked STAFF ONLY...

"uh i'm traumador the tyrannosaur." i said back trying not to be rude

"oh good, a dinosaur. you'll be an expert on this then." she sounded relieved. then she seemed to think on what i'd said "traumador? why does that seem formiliar? have we met before?"

oh boy. she musta heard my name on the news! no i told her, and hoped she won't connect the dots...

then i realized what was going on! the staff shirts here at the aquarium they look almost identical to my museum shirt!!! she must think i'm a new worker here at the aquarium... i gotta get out here! why'd i waste this oppurtunity doing a blog entry?!?

oh man she's coming back! okay people of the innerweb i gotta go! wonder how this is going to end???

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