show of the minute (the centre part 5)

61.4 million BC

well here today mike decided that i needed to be kept on my toes... which is a little silly cause we theropods (that is meating eating) dinosaurs always walk on our toes. we're not lazy like you heel resting mammals...

anyways he assigned me to the theatre to help out with the nature shows that we put on here everyday.

so i got to try out acting again! it's been a little while... last time i seriously tried out acting was that time i auditioned for the part of the T-Rex in jurassic park... still can't believe they gave the part to my cousin larry! not my fault i'm one foot tall while he is forty feet long!?!

fortuently this part isn't as stressful. though it's also not as high profile. best i can hope to win with this part is a golden globe...

the show is called "Nature: better then Xbox!"... don't ask me about the title. mike said it was designed to appeal to our child "demoautograph" or something like that... even i know that it is bad grammer though!

i play the part of the pollution-techonology destroyer of the environment span of evil bad humans monster... uh yeah i know. certainly no speilberg script, and i know speilberg scripts when i see them! though tom cruising would fit right in i think...

my coworkers in the show are awesome though. zoe the zebra is the hero of the story "mike"... wait a minute! that is outrageous! i'll have to tell mike to rewrite his script... mike is a boys name, and zoe is a girl... that's just silly have a girl play a boy!

we also managed to cast willy the orca whale in the role of the side kick...

what an all star cast i have to say!

well this morning was spent just practising and rehersing our lines. fortuently mine consist of pretty much roaring and evil laughing all show.

though it is here at just before lunch i hit my first problem here at work. mike came in on our practising and asked

"whose lunch is this? with the meat?!?" he sounded kinda mad

"uh mine. why?"
i answered, and well asked i guess.

"traumador we are trying to teach environmentally friendliness here at the centre. part of that is not eating fellow earth passengers."
he said steerly.

"but mike. i'm a carnivore."
i replied

"no traumador. that's just what corporations and the media have taught you. you have to let go of this barbaric habit..."
he said while throwing out my lunch!!! "today you're in for a treat. a vegetarian baptism! i'm taking you out to the best place ever! the tofoo barn."
well i guess i'll forgive him for throwing out my lunch. getting taken out by the boss on only my third day of work. that's exciting. i've never done this well at a job before. that alone in my first week.
just wonder what "toe food" is. maybe it's like chicken feet. i LOVE chicken feet...

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Bond said...

Traumador, baby!

As your agent, I'm payed to give you advice. I'm glad the center job is workin' out, but you've posted entry 3 and then entry 5! Where's entry 4, Big Guy?!

Keep up the fab work, my money-making Main Man, and don't let the nasty Mike spoil your appetite!