right at home (65 million part 2)

65 million BC...

alright so after that yummy lunch it was time to explore!

surprised at the relative lack of dinosaurs wandering around. seems to be a lot of humans for some reason? i guess we dinos are more accomodating of humans in our world then vice versa...

well my first discovery since the tri-steak was a patch of badlands! just like drumheller's. again not what i pictured in my mind being at 65 million BC, but hey my mind's not the biggest after all!

i guess that explains why we dinosaurs outside BC all tend to gather in drumheller. it's the closest thing to our native environment?

then why are dinosaurs always in jungles and forests in books, TV, and movies?

have to admit people of the innerweb i'm getting a little confused by what i'm finding here at 65 million BC!

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