a driving instrument? weird

60.06 BC!!!

okay well now that i'm in the lands of vancouver time to explore them. especially since somewhere in here my kind dwell at my goal. oh man i can't believe 65 million could be just around the corner!

because of that it is also important for me to find a niche here in this thriving segment of the BCs. to do that i need to check it all out!

to do this i needed to make use of public transition... still not quite sure what that is... i just wanted to get around. not change the government or anything.

fortuently there are these weird accordions on wheels that go everywhere in vancouver that you can pay to get in. their noisy and not very musical especially when you sit in one... just like a normal accordion!

with my new musical means of transport (not quite scotty beaming me anywhere... but it works for now) i'm on my way as we speak to explore vancouver! my first stop the core of north vancouver!

let's see what surrounds the land of dinosaurs here in the BCs...

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grad007 said...

I just found your blog, and I'm enjoying it immensely!