the seabus?!?

62.3 million BC

man did i look silly. there i was sitting waiting for the seabus when this boat pulled into the port. a bunch of people started getting on and off it, and i wondered when the bus was going to get here so i could leave too. stupid boat people were getting their ride early. the bus should have gotten here not a dumb boat.

then one of the boat operating guys looks over at me sitting on the bench and is like

"sir why are you waiting there? aren't you wanting to get across the bay?"

of course i did, but i'd bought a seabus ticket, not a boat ticket. after i told him that he laughed at me...

"no it's not a real bus sir. it's just a fun name for this boat. hope aboard!"

well would have been nice if someone had let me in on the joke! i do only have a brain the size of a peanut! what kinda of public transporting system do these guys have anyway. playing practical jokes on us in need of transporting!!!

well turns out that the seabus is the same boat i saw with the telyscope going back and forth...

getting onboard it i suddenly realized i was going to be floating across REALLY REALLY deep water! i think sea critters are cool and all, but at the same time i pay attention in movies, and they can be REALLY REALLY dangerous! in fact i think i have scientific theory that can related the deepness of the water to the dangerousness of the critters living in it...

that and i can't swim!
however i had a lot at stake at this point. this was hopefully going to be the last major hurtle in my attempt to get to 65 million BC. if i chickened out i wouldn't be able to make it (well except maybe in that rowed boat... but i realized it'd be way easier for jawed or godzilla to get me in that thing). so i got into the seabus and took a seat.

just as the boat started i almost shouted out in terror, but it only came out as a cry fortunently! then this announcment came out that told us all the safety features on the boat. that made me feel a lot better! i had a personal floating device under my seat. i kinda wanted to try it out anyway. i figure it'd really be entertaining to float around inside the seabus during the trip.

come to think of it why do they even need the seabus if they could just give you a personal floating device? maybe it's like a heelium ballon, and you'd float into space! okay now i'm not feeling so safe again!

by this point we were almost half way across the bay... if a sea monster was going to do something now would be the time...

nothing happened though. man was that a relief! it was at that point i realized i'd completely left north vancouver... i could see the WHOLE place out the window!

true vancouver and 65 million BC here i come!!!

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Bond said...

Go get'em, Champ!

Keep up the blog (people are checking it! If only they would leave a comment...)

-Agent Peter Bond