barriers to success... (dinotown part 4)

43 000 012 BC (i can see some blocks in dinotown!)

okay well i've now walked all the way around dinotown. it either has fence or stone wall around it. leaving no clear way in...

the real kicker not even being that i haven't made any headway getting in. i'm STILL hungry, and that edmontosaur is just standing there just not being eaten... or i mean rather grazing (have to keep up good first impressions with the locals and all...)

after standing here a little while i was finally able to get the attention of some of the townsdinos

though they stood very clearly on their side of the wall. they didn't say anything just glared at me... like a western standoff or something.

i asked what the deal was. cause i mean a big fence around the coolest town of BC. what is the deal?

"outsiders are not welcome!" they shouted in unison.

man, they been practicing or something cause it was creepy how good that came out.

couldn't quite see how i was an outsider. like most times my mouth asked it out loud as i thought it... good skill to have!

"you come from the land of the humans." one started...

" the humans that drove us from our rule." another chatted after

"the humans that hated us." followed yet another...

then you guessed yet another added "the humans that harmed us"

okay i may need to be told things like a million times before i get it, not my fault with a brain the size of a peanut, but i was getting the picture! before the next one of them could say something all together creepy like i guessed

"are you going to say 'the humans'? "

the sauropod was about to say it, i bet you money, and then thought for a second and was like "yeah..."

"enough with what the humans did. what about em?" i demanded

the stegosaur stepped forward "you smell of the hated humans. you dress like the hated humans. you talk like the hated humans. most important of all you come from the land of the hated humans."

i think these guys have been locked away in the mountains a bit too long...

anyways i told them the story of the last few months since the summer...

"indeed it is as I've said. you have lived among humans too long to be one of us..."

okay i may have lived among, been raised by, and spent nearly all my time among humans but i was not uh or am a uh... oh man where was i going with this???

i tried to plead with them that was why i was here. to get back in touch with my dinosaur roots. to learn what it is to be a thunder lizard.

"no. you can not learn that here. you are not a true dinosaur. a true dinosaur would not have allowed himself to be bullied by humans as you have..." stated the stegosaur.

the long silence made it sound like the final word... my heart sank. was it true. was i not really a true dinosaur as the wise sounded ornithischian had stated...

then just as i was about to retrace the route to my car, crushed in this recent development, the silence was broken by the sauropod.

"that and your a meat eater..." he dumbly called out.

man and i thought my brain was small. well that turned things around. i figured it out. why hadn't i seen it before... oh yeah my brain is smallish. just not as small as the long necks.

no wonder there was a huge stone wall, and electric fence. it wasn't to keep humans out. it was to keep us meat eaters out. cause looking at all of them standing there it dawned on me. not a single theropod in the crowd!

they'd banished my kind from dinotown all those years ago... i stood there helplessly starring into the land denied my ancestors, as the oppresive plant eaters casually wandered back into their scandalous town...

i wasn't going to allow this misjustice to stand. i vowed then and there that i would not only avenge my kind. i'd also make dinotown truely a community for ALL dinosaurs!!!

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