where dinosaurs roam the earth (dinotown part 3)

43.000 001 BC

well i can now confirm there are indeed dinosaurs here in BC! however that's about all i can tell you at this moment... er well i'll tell you everything that's happened till now

so i was following the road trying to find dinotown, when something on the other side of the stone wall caught my eye (remember the wall i found yesterday, and that runs alongside the road). it looked like one of the trees was moving. it was no tree though

i only saw it for a few seconds, but that tree was actually a sauropod, or long necked dinosaur! it had to have seen me (or at least heard, cause i was screaming "hey over here! it's great to see a fellow dinosaur!"). as i ran up to the wall though it vanished into the forest. not cause he was fast or anything, quite the opposite, but rather it's just a really foresty forest...

now i knew i had to be on the right trail. heading down the road i took advantage of every rock or tree i could get up on (which can be hard, i've got really small arms remember) to peek over the wall...

for the next hour or so nothing... but then on the 7th rock i saw something

there was no mistaken it. though it was heading off into the forest as fast as it could, that was the back of a stegosaurus. just like the sauropod it was running into the forest too...

i was of course getting more and more confused, but yet excited.

there were dinosaurs here! just why were they all booking it off into the forest in the general direction of that the road lead to? that must mean this was the way to dinotown. maybe they were just heading off to organize a surprise welcome party (i promised the trees that i'd act surprised even though i'd figured it out)

then the road came to an end, and i could see the bestest thing i'd seen all day. an edmontosaurus. man all that walking, hiking, searching, and not eating had made me hungry! right there though a steak just standing there waiting to be eaten!

man when these dinotown guys throw a party they sure deliever on the meal side of things!

just one problem... running towards my soon to be lunch i discovered a new obstacle. in addition to the stonewall was a fence blocking me from not just my meal, but just beyond him DINOTOWN!

so here i stand just on the other side of freedom (or at enclosed and contained safety) writing this blog. all i have to say is what gives?!?

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