hope of no dinosaurs... (dinotown part 1)

b43 million BC!

well a few days ago i finally made it through the burning of manning park. got a nice tan too!

i woulda posted on the innerweb sooner, but i got kinda distracted.

i made it to a town called hope. though i am not far from my goal of 65 million, the other day presented an odd twist in my quest.

while getting gas for, hopefully, the last leg to 65 million BC i noticed that the gas attendents were staring at me. when i approached them they were really surprised.

"you've left your town?!?" they said.

i was like, "uh yeah. how'd you know?"

they just looked at me in puzzlement for a moment. i thought i'd broken their brains or something. then it hit me. these guys must have been reading my blog!

before i could ask them what they thought of this blog they really surprised me by saying

"of course we can tell you left your town. your kind was to stay out of our town. has been so since the ancient times..."

had i just stepped into a movie? cause that statement sure sounded like one!

then it occurred to me "your kind" did they just refer to my being a dinosaur? that would mean that there were other dinosaurs around here. the first i'd have come across in BC! asking them if there were other dinosaurs in this place they said...

"clearly you are not from around here little one... for indeed other dinosaurs once roamed this very town as we are not far from the BCs that your kind ruled... however we humans could not exist with your kind in the same town. too many of us were being eaten, squished, or forced to be action heroes...

then one day in the ancient times we humans took action!... your kind were driven from this town. for their rule on the BCs had ended, and we humans were sick of them keep us up at night with their roaring... when they left the dinosaurs did not go back into the deeper BCs to their own lands. rather they went deep into the forest and built their own town. the last refuge of dinosaurs beyond 65 million BC...

this town was to be a fortress designed at keeping them or any others from coming out of the deep BCs to threaten man's rule over the earth. it was thusly named hope. in hope of no more dinosaurs

man i need to learn more about the history of BC... and why we dinosaurs don't rule the earth anymore!

then it hit me. they said that there were dinosaurs here at 43 million BC. dinosaurs that had managed to make their own town outside of 65 million as a refuge! just the kinda place i'm looking for!!!

so people of the innerweb i set out into the mountains around hope to look for this town of dinosaurs... i hadn't found much for the last couple days. again why i haven't blogged. then just this morning i stumbled across a giant stone wall! it seems to surround an area that'd be perfect for a town... that or jurassic park...


Dirk_Star said...

Look out! A GIANT pterodactyl, and I think he's a liberal!

Peter Bond said...


Look Traumador, you've got to be careful! Who knows what crazy beasts are locked up behind that wall! I don't think it's a good idea to investigate...jump back in the car and keep driving.

You're so close to 65 million BC...