darth. no (undercover part 2)

64.64 million BC

today has to rank as one of the craziest days of my life, and as you know people of the innerweb i've had some pretty crazy days recently!

the plan was to release lobey back into the wild of the BCs. i'd gotten my boat, and i'd made the arrangements with the aquarium to have lobey shipped to the peer so i could set out.

there was just one problem i was worried about lobey's enemies using this as a chance to attack her. who they were i wasn't sure. why they'd want to get her i didn't know. was i being paranoid? well i was going with my gut feeling, and the answer was no... (superspies always follow their gut feelings in the movie, and are right!)

so i had to get from the boat store to the peer myself. to do so i decided to take the long way to make sure i wasn't being tailed. along the way i got to pass a cool fountain. while standing around watching the water i noticed a black car that had stopped suspiciously in a no parking zone...

though i would have liked to chill out at the fountain a bit longer i had a bad feeling about that car. starting to walk through the plaza around the fountain suddenly the car took the corner so that it could head the same way i was!

okay i know how this sorta thing works... in movies i should get in a car, and we'd have a chase. problem is i left my car in north vancouver... i didn't feel like running, cause to run as fast as a car i'd be really tired by the time i got to releasing lobey.

instead i ducked into a mall to try and lose them. it was easy enough as i'd been heading the wrong direction... doubling back on the plaza i figured since i'd be tailed once that i should make sure it didn't happen again...

i plunked down to start a blog entry... when suddenly someone grabbed me from behind!!!

man oh man did they grab me too. they lifted me right into the air! suddenly in a all too formiliar booming voice i heard "what have you done with that fish!!!"... i knew that voice! and man was i in trouble... it was dark vadar!!!

"several transactions were sent to you by aquarium spies. i want to know what happened to the fish their sending you!" he said while increasing the pressure around my throat.

"i got no transactions. i'm an education staff member. out to do a program." i managed to say, but barely. man that guy has a strong grip!

"if your an educator then where is the venue?!?" he angrly replied... oh man he's a sharp cookie.

"what fish?" i was seriously confused... my brain doesn't work the best under normal conditions, but without oxygen that's just asking for trouble.

"the one they took away from the public viewing area last week! the only one i haven't seen! i want that fish!!!" he fumed...

the pressure on my neck was getting a bit much. if he kept up i didn't think i was going to survive... i needed to distract him. like in a spy movie. what would they say. something witty and smart no doubt...

"uh uh" i couldn't think of anything. then it hit me! "i am your son..."

"what?" he was astounded. "that's not true. that's impossible!"

it worked i could feel his grip lessen just a titch. now i just had to escape...

vadar went on though. "you can't be my son... i just met with him for lunch yesterday!"

was he going senile? it was this point i noticed that he was a lot older and fatter then in the movies... i guess that's the nice part about being famous, and having a movie made about your life. you get played by beautiful people!

that was when i made my move! i swung my tail and hit him as hard as i could... i hit him inbetween the legs... i was aiming for his head...

in any case he suddenly toppled over, and let go of me. boy did i take that chance i bolted!

he didn't follow me as best i can tell, and now i'm here hiding out at the peer with the boat waiting for lobey to get delivered so i can release her... it's like i said i knew her enemies would come out to try and get her.

i hope she get here soon!

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