what next?

T-Minus: 10 days...
Location: Dunedin Public Library
Objective: Information

oh man people of the innerweb... time is running out!!!

of my 3 criteria imposed by the new zealand government i've only got a small part of one of them done. now don't get me wrong that is progress, but that took my almost 40 days!!! at that rate i'll have been deported uh... wait don't tell me... carry the zero... uh... many times over, yeah that's right... deported many times before i meet all of them...

i literally can't afford for this to happen!

i need a fast solution to these criteria or i'm in BIG trouble!

now i may not know the most of stuff in the world, but i do know one guy who can hook me up with a good artificial brain... in the form of major information.

that would be through mike... the LIBRARIAN...

now of course he is still all the way across the ocean in canada, but through the wonder that is the tellyphone i was able to get a hold of him (well not really a hold of... that would mean my hands somehow fit through the phone device).

i thought mike would have been really happy to hear from me. what with it having been months since i last sought his help. turns out though the last time i was there to ask his assistance i got him into trouble...

see he's part of a secret organization of librarians that is really really old (well not compared to us dinosaurs, but hey not everyone can be as cool as us). they like to keep their existence well not known at all. problem for mike is not only did i mention this club of theirs on my blog, but i mentioned he was a member of it too.

mike said he'd help me again so long as i promised not to mention that he was a member of section 241... oh oh... uh you should probably ignore that last part people of the web wide world.

anyways telling him that i needed some ideas and information that might help get especially a job or home he told me the solution... what can i say mike is just a really sharp cookie (come to think of it why would a sharp cookie be all that good a thing???)... he said "simple solution truam. goto the library!"

man i never would of thought of that! seeking as quick a solution to my problems i followed mike's advice to the letter. the only thing was the library was in the middle of town...

so off i went for the pleasant, but LONG walk from salmond hall to the octagon (the fancy name for their city centre here in dunedin). i had to head down a kinda fun tunnel just like one i'd seen in BC all those months ago. right in the middle of the tunnel (weird as i thought you went down tunnels to the end to find stuff?) was the library entrance.

wow and what an entrance!... though i thought i was supposed to be the one to make an entrance?

see people of the innerweb i'm kinda confused today. all these questions, and no answers i NEEDED to get in here for that information!

such a colorful and blocky entrance... was i entering tetris as opposed to the library?

fortunately i found the door a moment or two later, and inside i was relieved to find it full of books, puters, and information looking things.

okay so i started to look up the dinosaurs of new zealand only to be shocked to discover that they were all up in the north island!?!

even more frustrating i realized that wasn't why i was here!!! (though worth keeping in mind...)

stupid brain the size of a peanut!

i needed to find info on jobs and homes...

now i know when dan and craig needed to look for such things in canada they looked in newsed-paper. now i've never really looked at one of these beyond the comics page... man calvin and hobbes is funny... oh man but i'm off topic again, and time is ticking!

after about an hour i got the hang of the newsed-paper enough to find a "job listing". now i have to say for a list of jobs this one was fairly incomplete... i can think of at least 5 jobs they didn't have written down...

oh well i'll have to write a letter to the editor about that later.

the nice thing about this list is that it appears that the jobs they did bother to mention all are open! so let's see what have they got...

  • janitor. hmmm what's that like a mime version of a monitor?

  • pizza delivery person. oh that'd be awesome. not only do you get free food, but you can meet lots of people!... oh wait you need a car... i left mine in canada...

  • museum security guard. hmmm i don't know i'm not tough enough to muck with criminals... WAIT A SECOND museum guard!... that could be perfect... except... i don't know people of the web wide world... last few times i've been at museums terrible things happen to me... i'll keep this one in mind, but let's see what else they have

  • aquarium tour guide. wow this could be fun. i had a pretty good (though intense) time at the vancouver aquarium, and i do LOVE fish!

  • geology museum curator... oh man that sounds even better! i've always wanted to be a curator at a museum. that way i get to work with all the dinosaur chicks up close and personal... or uh i mean i'd be the one in charge. yeah that's the ONLY reason why.

okay well i think that settles that people of the web wide world. i'm going to pop by there first thing tomorrow, and check one more thing off my list!

oh and i'll have to remember to thank mike for his help... that and make sure i don't mention his working for section 241... oh no...

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Michael Hoskin said...

I put a nitrogen capsule in the mail for you, Traum. Be sure to eat it all up.