home-garden security (lost part 2)

T-Minus: 28 days...

Location: Botanic Gardens
Objective: In Progress

oh man people of the innerweb have i done it this time!

the clock is still ticking in my countdown against the government, and here i go wasting a WHOLE day by getting lost... in the woods of ALL places! we dinos have a reputation as natural forest dwellers...

well to be honest it wasn't the worst thing ever. i actually enjoyed just wandering around in the forest a while. it's really dense along the hilly side of the place... my inner dinosaur was very content stalking around it.

however as of early this morning i realized i was missing precious time that could solve my crisis!!!

now the only problem was how to get myself unlost?

fortunately a pair of kind, diligent, and heroic university campus security patrol heard my scre... uh i mean calm cool collected scre... errr calls for help... (and no matter what they say my version is true... trust me... ha ha ha ha oh boy)

they were responding to reports of a large lizard loose in the park. they seemed surprised when i told them i hadn't seen one... though it must have been behind me at first as when they first saw me they both screamed "THERE IT IS!"

once i'd talked to them they both relaxed a lot. i must be a calming influence or something cause with a large man eating lizard on the loose i was kinda freaked out myself...

they were really nice and helpful once i explained my situation, and they gave me some great directions to get back on course to my destination.

what do you know? they were totally on the ball. within minutes i was back on the trail, and back by the leith!

who thought from shows like star trek that security were such nice and real people... i mean these guys didn't even wear red. just goes to show don't trust everything you see on TV (just most of it!).

continuing through the rest of the park it looks like a really sweet place to chill. sadly i didn't have the time for such leisurely pursuits, and was only able to check out the facilities from afar as i walked. have to make a note to visit this place again sometime more thoroughly.

there's all sorts of stuff though, and it was plainly visible as i walked around. green houses (though their badly mislabelled... what being all glass and all), cafes, a duck pond, something called an aviary, and a gazillion dells (why they'd have computers setup all over the place is besides me). oh and swings, but you already know about those.

before you knew it i had gotten through the WHOLE park! phew

it is a sweet place... too bad i got lost in the "boring" jungle part. despite that tromping around the woods being fun i would have liked it to be a reasonable exercise. then i coulda seen the rest of the park. instead of wandering around in circles.

oh well. at least my destination is JUST across the street from here. be in touch once i make contact with my target. assuming the address the university gave me is correct...

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Grad007 said...

That second last picture of you is really pretty! I forgot that it's summer over there - hope you're enjoying it!