the new routine

you know it's days like today that remind me life can be an okay place. with all the crazy stuff that has been happening to me since my being fired from at the tyrrell museum it sometimes leaves me wondering why i bother...

(i remind us all T-Minus: 2 days!!!
talk about cutting it close on my government criteria...)

i'm not going to worry about anything today!

the weather is amazing! unlike a few days ago when i was getting my job at the otago museum...

which just makes for a nice walk to work... which i've now been taking for a few days. it is a great way to start my days at work. a stroll through the beautiful garden...

it's just such a grand place... if you don't believe me from this picture just look at the next!

i'm still in that photo trust me. just dwarfed by the scope and scale of bench hill (not my fault i'm dwarfed... i am the world's smallest tyrannosaur after all!).

my walk takes me by the other side of the duck pond. sadly due to the fact i need to get to work i haven't had time to check this out. it looks like it'll be really pretty when i get there though.

i also head through a new section i've never seen before. the rose gardens and terrace. these gardens are awesome!

i think the garden is my favorite place in dunedin so far!

the best part of living at craig's place has been that i'm so close to the garden, and am forced to walk through them almost anywhere in town... it's just too bad as part of my staying in new zealand criteria i'll have to move out and find a new place...

speaking of which i REALLY need to figure that out here today! cause in 2 days i'll be kicked out of the country if i don't! fortunately i have a plan... just requires me getting to work...

before i can stew on that thought any further my ride shows up. last awesome thing about the gardens is that it has a train that runs from one end to the other!

with its arrival i need to be cruising here people of the web wide world. hopefully i'll have nothing but good news about meeting my criteria next post!

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