what a view!

T-Minus: 24 days...
Location: Signal Hill
Objective: More Scouting

okay so i've been checking out town a lot more then i'd planned. it's been such a waste of time, but there's not much i can do about that. dunedin is deceptively not small...

the question is just how not small?
to find an answer i'm seeking higher ground to get a better vantage point of the WHOLE city. now the problem is the town is surrounded by... no more like made of hills... so you can't see very far at all!

the problem that is caused by this first problem is that well you have to climb up the same said hills to get to a high point...

i'm aiming for a place called signal hill... i guess it'll have more traffic lights then a normal spot?

boy is the street i'm having to head up impressive thus far.

after what seemed like 8 blocks just like that first one (oh wait maybe it was 8 blocks...) of all straight up streets and houses suddenly the road turned into a gravel trail surrounded by forest...

digging that at least. might be a really long HARD walk, but it is nice to walk through a forest again. which i get to do so often here in dunedin... spending most of my life in the prairies of alberta i never had much expereince with forests. the most was back when i lived in the cretaceous garden.

okay... so... the hill KEPT going even after the forest. this time it emerged out into a nice clearing where you could see a whole bunch of valley to the north of town. WOW is all i have to say...

oh man i haven't told you why i went up there people of the web wide world. where is my pea brain here today?

i'm trying to scope out dunedin so that i can narrow down places to work and/or live. if i know the total lay of the land then i'll be able to move in and achieve my government criteria. the clock has been ticking too much lately, and i've still met with no success.

today though i FINALLY met with success when after nearly an hour of walking... more like climbing!... finally i came to the top of the hill. rather then a bunch of traffic signals like i expected there was just a weird pole just sitting there... not quite what i was expecting, but i figured since i'd come all this way (and wasted time doing it) that i should poke about.

i'd heard around that this was the best place to see dunedin from close to where i live (though there's an even bigger hill further north of craig's place, but i opted for here to save time... considering this walk i'm glad i did!). couldn't see how a large pole was going to help with that though.

okay it's a way bigger pole up close then it looked a minute ago...

wonder why it's here though?

at the bottom of it was a weird meditating guy... that or that book he was reading was REALLY boring and now he's busy trying to imagine a better story...

kinda what's been happening to me when i've tried reading lately. need to ask mike if there are any ways i can make reading more fun?

well poles and reading staring guys aside this walk was feeling like a waste of time. there was no view to be found here... disappointed i wandered to the other side of the pole to see what i'd lost so much time walking too.

getting there i couldn't remember what i'd lost... cause man there was an amazing point of view of all of dunedin!!!

or so it seemed...

off toward the harbour and taiaroa head there was only a few landmarks and traces of civilization to note. probably not so good a chance of finding work or a home there. more to the point that wasn't really dunedin.

i need to stay in dunedin at moment as that's where i've told the department of conservation where i'd be living. otherwise i might be in violation of directive C of my critical species charter.

however turning just a tad you get a great view of the rest of dunedin...

wow was there a LOT of it too... oh man

well looks like i got what i came for. a great view of the city... now the problem is figuring out in ALL of that where i'm going to find ONE place suitable to my needs...

there's only one solution that comes to mind people of the web-wide world. though i've been trying to avoid it since i discovered it, but there is always the otago museum.

now you might ask why i've been avoiding it. it's a good question. cause hey i've been asking myself the same thing a lot lately. well ever since my whole getting fired incident at the tyrrell and the events since at other similar places i've kinda developed a fear of museums as it were... lately their bringers of suffering and misery.

well i guess considering circumstances i'll need to bite a bullet and face my demons... though that seems unwise. won't i need the bullet to shot the scary demon?


Grad007 said...
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Grad007 said...

Hi Traumador,

Have you tried biking (up and) down the steepest street in the world yet?

Peter Bond said...

Hey Traumador,

Time is ticking, big guy! I agree and think you should be checking out the museum. You work well there. You belong in a museum!

And if you've got the time, give the bike idea a try! Grad007 knows what she's talking about!

-Agent Bond