interesting peace of dunedin

T-Minus: 26 days...

Location: Peace Pole
Objective: Scouting

okay now that i'm able and allowed to crash at craig's place that's taken some of the pressure off me people of the web wide world. up until now as you may have gathered i'd been wasting a huge amount of my time having to gather food and locating a good place to sleep each night. now i'm free to just wander around town and search for solutions to the government criteria i've been given.

just to remind everyone (especially myself!) i need to find a home, job, and 3 people who like me all by the end of the month...

yeah i know. no pressure or anything...
well now that i can just explore town for the sake of exploring i LOVE the vegetation here in dunedin. it is so very jungly and prehistoric!
sadly still don't have time for pure sight seeing. i've got to find promising leads on those 3 criteria, and i can't do that without covering a lot of ground i'm getting the hunch. so i'm checking out the south part of town (i just figured out that the map i've been using is all upside down and stuff... these ppl truly are from down under. even the maps are under).

i found a really interesting thing whilst wandering near the university. the peace pole it's called. it's covered in a lot of flags for some reason and claims that soon "may peace prevail on earth". wonder if it's another of the magicy looking things i've been running into around town...
i don't have the time to properly figure out how this peace pole actually causes peace, or for that matter why it's here... but i assure you people of the world wide web i shall look into it once i've solved my countdown problems!
looking at the building just off in the background of this photo was a building i hadn't seen before...
it was called the otago museum... a MUSEUM... oh man!
pay dirt. though as i didn't have a whole day left i figured i'd hit this place up later and make sure i handled it proper. considering how most of my attempts have gone since the tyrrell i don't want another mess up!
so in the meantime i'm going to push on checking out the rest of south dunedin.

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christa said...

Good luck Traum and don't forget to have fun while you search