i got carded!

T-Minus: 0 Days...
well the moment of truth has come people of the innerweb. i had to prove to both the new zealand departments of conservation and immigration that i'd met their criteria for me to stay in the country.
so with my proof of a home (the botanic garden), a job (at the otago museum), and 3 signed testimonials to my character (from andrew, owain, and ben the gardener) in hand i went into the government building.
for what seemed like forever the agents milled over my proof, not letting me know if it was good or not...
then finally 2 hours later...
i got my official status declared. i'm now a truely landed extracontinential organism! even better i got this cool ID card! just like a human would get!
now like everything else in life (or at least my life) it wasn't all fun and games. though immigration was done with me, the department of conservation had only begun.
as of this point i am officially an endangered species of new zealand. after all they don't have any other dinosaurs here (that alone tyrannosaurs!) meaning that if anything bad happens to me we'll be extinct here in new zealand.
as they take extinction very seriously down here (my kinda people really) the conservation directives they warned me about 2 months ago are now in strict effect!
Any individaul or population of tyrannasaurus rex traumadorius:
  • A. May not engage in any behaviour or activity that might threaten individual's or population's well being or survivial
  • B. May not engage in any behaviour or activity that will alter or disrupt New Zealand natural habitats, species, or ecosystems
  • C. Must report to the DOC (Department of Conservation) any change in habitat, territory, or ecosystem within 24 hours of change
  • D. May not breed within New Zealand without permission from the D.O.C.
  • E. Must report any and all predation of native species to the D.O.C. (with a possibility of violation of clause B.)
  • F. Must assist in research efforts at better understanding species biologic and conservation needs and issues
  • G. Must cooperate with D.O.C. agents and officers in any capacity or function they deem necessary to protect New Zealand's environment
so i'll have to be sure to remember all of these (oh man, with a brain the size of mine that isn't the easiest thing to pull off!)
the D.O.C. says that for now it will let me settle into my new habitat free from human interference, but that i need to give them some means of contacting me in the future. their not through with me they say. not by a "long shot"... wonder what that means?
well people of the web wide world. as much fun as it was to deal with the countdown i'm about ready on starting my new life!

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