chat on the beach

T-Minus: 22 days...

Location: Sand Fly Bay
Objective: Home and Signature

okay people of the inner web i NEED to make some sort of progress on this whole government criteria thing... i'm now over a week into march, and i haven't made a bit of progress!

craig's been telling me i should work on getting a job as i can stay at his place till the end of the month, and with a job i can afford to get or rent a home.

the problem is i don't know what he means. i've never had to pay for a home before. craig and dan used to pay all the rent when i lived with them in drumheller, and then when i moved to the museum my room and board was provided...

so i think i'm going to try and find a home that's free, and to do that i'm going to have to find a nice outdoor place... as indoor ones cost money, and i don't have any of that at the moment.

my place of preference for a home is of course the beach! nice, outdoors, and well... da beach!

i can't really describe it any other way.

so i'm here at a place called sand fly bay. which at first glance was kinda boring, and not all together screaming live at me.

that is till i saw how far it goes on, and just how much scenery there is too this place!

i was totally sold on this place. it was even nicer then pilot's beach. there wasn't many sea mammals or birds i'd have to live with, and better yet it wasn't a nature preserve so the department of conservation wasn't going to be able to kick me out!

just as i was about go set up my hammock and move in there was a voice behind.

"nice pick on a spot to nap dude!" said a man who'd been swimming in the water earlier.

"oh i'm not having a nap." i replied. i told him all about my predicament with the government, and how this was my solution to my home problem.

"you can't do that man." he told me.

the reason i'm informed by this random dude is that it is illegal in new zealand to live on the water front. anywhere along the water front. meaning that unlike north america (or at least BC where i've bee) there isn't such a thing as beach front property.

so even though the department of conservation won't get mad at me for living here all the other parts of the government would...

oh man. wish somebody had told me that earlier!

then again it was nice of this stranger to tell me at all. knowing my luck as of late i'd have been found out by someone later on and gotten into even more trouble!

well as this whole trip was bust, and i'd wasted even more time i figured i might as well be sociable and maybe make a friend here down under (that and maybe i could get this guy to give me a signature for my references).

so that's how i met andrew. turns out he is from canada too! what are the odds of that... though he is from the bleak flat plain of saskatchewan... poor guy. no wonder he came down here.

he is down in NZ to work with kids, but today he was just enjoying a nice relaxing day at da beach.

andrew seems to be a really nice guy. he offered me a ride back into town, and gave me a "cell phone" number (what the heck is a cell phone?!?) plus email. he said we should meet up at some point for a hang out...

can you believe that people of the web wide world! somebody wants to hang out with me!!!

i've never had anyone ask me to hang out before!!!

in the middle of this amazing social development i forgot to see if i could get andrew's signature though... have to remember to do that when he contacts me...

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