touring a nest site (devil's coulee part 2)

devil's coulee is really cool!

i feel like i'm at home here... though it's a micro home. cause the badlands here are only in small patches. the rest of the area is a vast sea of prairie.

to get out here you need to follow a tour guide through a bunch of country roads... i was expecting some of them cowboy ninjas to pop out and try and steal my car... but we made it to the dinosaur nesting site without too much happening.

first thing is first this place has almost as many hoodoos as milky river! man drumheller needs to get with the hoodoo times!

though these ones are made of a really weird sandstone... but man are they fun to play in... their like a big rock maze!

then it was down to business. fortunently they had a lot of information... and fun to read. what with the lack of words and all!

so according to this sign dinosaurs... or at least food dinos... raise their young pretty intensely.

the problem this is all about hadrosaurs childhoods... i don't care as much about a hamburgers upbringing... especially since it might take the fun out of eating!

i decieded to skip the reading approach of research, and get into this like a palaeontologist! i started my search of a dino nest...

it only took me 15 mins to find the first remenant of a dino egg!!! man that was cool...

i could feel the connection to my roots... i am a dinosaur even if i was brought up by humans...

the tour itself was very cool, and the tour guide was very nice and smart amd nice. her name is trish, and she is originally from england. so just like me she's a stranger to this nest. i started to talk to her, and after she heard my story of being in search of place that needs dinos she was like "you could come work at our museum. we need a dino babysitter."

so just like that! i think all my problems have been solved!

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Peter Bond said...

Well done Traum!
I knew you could do it! Now just be careful not to get hungry when you badydino-sit...